Parenting Coaches Can Help You Be a Better Mom

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It's enough to make any mom a little nutso ...
Are your kids driving you bonkers? Will one more “I’m hungry” or “she’s touching me” or “that’s mine” send you over the cliff of sanity? Are you often left wondering if your children are engaging in normal childhood shenanigans, or if they have behavioral problems that need addressing? Then you might need a parenting coach.

These non-licensed “experts” can help stressed out parents get a grip on their family life. Like your own personal Supernanny, parenting coaches can act as “both chipper cheerleader and straight-talking sage, rather than proponents of a particular parenting philosophy.” They can also help you with behavior modification and/or setting realistic expectations.

My first thought on this was that it sounds ridiculous. I mean come on, put your big girl panties on and be a mom and parent your child. Then I got interrupted by my two daughters, who were fighting over what game to play. They both came to me in tears, yelling at each other, and both wanting me to take their side.

It’s like they don’t even care that Mommy has to work. I just stared at them and thought to myself, I could really use a parenting coach right about now. Should I stop what I’m doing and resolve their issue? Should I make them work it out themselves? Will they feel abandoned or let down if I don’t drop everything every time they need something? Will I be setting them up with an entitlement mentality if I do?

Parenting is daunting, yo. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’ve done the right thing. You want to set limits and boundaries, but know that being a rigid disciplinarian can backfire. Finding that balance of flexibility and structure is a difficult task indeed.

That’s where I think these parenting coaches come in. They’ve been there, done that with kiddos before, as teachers, mothers, social workers, and a variety of other professions. Unlike therapists, they often tell parents of their own experiences, and encourage them to try things until they find something that works for their family.

We all need a little affirmation from time to time -- nothing wrong with that.

In case you were wondering, I sent them both out of the room and told them to work it out themselves. They argued for a few minutes, then everything went quiet … then it got loud again. Worried they might actually be trying to kill each other, I went to check.

They had built a train out of the dining room chairs and were practicing “escaping” by jumping off them onto a pile of pillows on the floor. Parenting crisis averted. Now please excuse me while I go remind them to be careful, because I really don’t feel like driving to the ER today.

Have you ever hired a parenting coach? Thought about it?

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nonmember avatar Pamela

My best friend is a parenting coach. I got "free" advice all these years and it's helped immensely. She is a mom too, but has researched parenting, taught parenting classes, and worked with a ton of families. It can be really helpful if you work with an experienced professional.

SLMit... SLMitchell

Oh for goodness sake people!

nonmember avatar Kristi

We were going to a behavioral therapist for my son (who has a lot of sensory issues as well as some behavioral issues) because it was recommended by his per who thinks he has ADD but it's too young to diagnose. She was amazing and really helped. It's not about being lazy and not wanting to parent, it's about giving you ideas how to communicate in an effective way. I'm tired of people thinking that just because you're a parent you just KNOW what to do.

Amanda Price

Now, this post reminds me of that reality TV show back then where two families would switch kids for a certain time to help everyone become better. Corporal punishment is so out and I love your advice. Just saw this talk on equibbly about requiring would-be parents to get a license before they even have their first kid.. which is quite absurd. What really makes a good parent these days? That's the real question.

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