9 First Aid Must-Haves for Road Trips With Kids

first aid kitHere we go again. It's spring break time, and that means hitting the open road with the family. Ready to take on a road trip with the kids? Are you sure?

Sure, you've got the booster seat buckled in place, and you've got their bags packed in the trunk. You've even got your road trip eats figured out. But what about the first aid kit?

If you've got kids in the car, you need to stock that baby! Don't worry; we've got your bases covered:


1. Bandages. Little Johnny's new sandals are giving him a blister, Little Susie's chewed her nails down to nubs, the list goes on and on with kids. Pack a LOT of them!

2. Sunscreen. You can never have enough of this stuff. The whole family needs to be protected from skin cancer. 

3. Aloe. In case someone forgot to do a reapplication of the sunscreen!

4. Tweezers. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a big fat splinter.

5. Antibiotic cream. Perfect follow-up after you yank that splinter.

6. Tummy relief medicine. Try as you might to eat healthy on vacation, sometimes the change in diet is too much for little bellies.

7. Allergy medicines. Why is it some of the nation's most attractive vacation spots are crawling with bugs? Don't spend the entire drive home with a kid whiny that their bug bites itch!

8. Boo Boo Packs. Stow 'em in your cooler for when Little Johnny slams Little Susie's hand in the car door (or, you know, when other moments of sibling rivalry crop up).

9. Bag or bucket. Even if your kids don't get carsick regularly, it's good to have something they can grab quickly if the rest stop lunch doesn't sit well in their tummy.

What do you keep in your first aid kit when you're taking the kids on a trip?


Image via Marcin Wichary/Flickr

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