Mom Banned From Posting About Her Kids on Facebook

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mom on computerSick of parents oversharing on Facebook? You've got a new friend in New York State! A judge has officially banned a mother from posting anything about her kids on Facebook. ANYTHING.

A lawyer for the mom, known in court documents only as Melody M., is arguing that the ruling unfairly prohibits his client from celebrating her kids' triumphs. So let me ask you something: when your kid does something super spectacular, what's the first thing you think? Is it "I can't wait to give him a hug" or "I can't wait to put that on Facebook"?

I think you see where I'm going with this, but just in case, let me spell it out for you ... it's entirely possible to celebrate the happy moments of parenting without Facebook. Moms and dads have been doing it for centuries!

Oversharing issues aside (because I could write a book on that but Blair Koenig of STFU Parents already has), one of the biggest problems I see with Facebook these days is the way it has turned parents from proud to boastful.

It's all well and good to share a cute photo of your kid with your friends (preferably one showing them clothed and not on a toilet). It's another thing to use Facebook to rub your good fortune at having a perfectly behaved genius who walks on water.

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We get it, your kid rocks! But who are we supposed to be patting on the back here? Your kid or you for being such a fabulous person that you spawned this future Nobel Prize winner?

It seems the parents who insist on Facebooking every moment of their kids' lives are more "insecure a--hats looking for validation" than anything. Sharing that proud moment with their kids and their kids alone isn't enough for them -- they don't get any ego stroking out of it. And sharing the bad moments is necessary because there is nothing they love more than a pity party.

Not surprisingly, Melody M. ended up in court to begin with because she's in the later group. She was cited for cyberbullying her own son, a 10 year old with special needs. Mom called the little guy an a--hole right out on Facebook where everyone could see it.

And we're supposed to feel bad for her because she can't post nice things about her kids now? How about feeling bad for the kid with a mom who cares more about what her Facebook friends have to say than she does about her kids' feelings?

Do you have friends who need to rein it in on Facebook? What do they say?


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Karma... KarmaGrant

Sounds like she needs less computer time and more parenting classes and therapy.  Sorry but if you're calling your specially challenged child an a hole (on facebook or anywhere) you have serious issues.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Umm, doesn't she have friends she can brag to? She should go to the playground and join a mommy clique.

nonmember avatar DM

Where does it say a person can't post what they wish on their Facebook account? Also, how does a judge become involved in something like this?

lobus lobus

Um sounds like she should have more rights taken away from her than just facebook...

nonmember avatar Bachock

I go on FB to hear from you about you. While that may include your child sometimes if it ONLY includes your child then I'd advise you to go out into the world sometime and get a life. Nothing is more sad than the friend I used to have dying and turning into just a mom. You used to be a fun woman, a comedian and now you're just a vessel that is called mommy. This from a mom who loves her son more than anything on earth.

Flori... Floridamom96

Does no one see the first amendment implications here? If a judge can forbid someone from posting on social media for posting something you think is wrong to post then what's to stop them from doing so under other circumstances?

the4m... the4mutts

No, screw that! Kids can be assholes, and if you want to voice that opinion, thats your right! She could also go stand in the local mall & shout "MY SPECIAL NEEDS KID IS ACTING LIKE AN ASSHOLE TODAY! IM OVERWHELMED AND NEEDED TO VENT!"

That is NOT bullying, and I am so sick and tired of whiny ass people pulling the "bully" card, when someone says something they dont like.

Now, I WILL say, that if she is constantly talking shit about her kid, saying she talks down to him, insulting his intellience or diasbility, then I can see KIND OF where the judge is coming from. But IMO parenting classes and a fine or something would be more acceptable than limiting how and in what venue the woman is allowed to speak, and on what topics.

quinn007 quinn007

I agree 4mutts!  Of course I tend not to post much about my kid other than the occassional funny thing she said.  But sometimes, a mom needs to vent and especially if she is home without another adult, FB is the next best thing.  And sometimes kids act like brats.  It ain't all puppies and sunshine. 

worki... workingmama86

I have no problems reading about my friend's children on facebook. I actually enjoy it sometimes. I think facebook is a good way to inform everyone at once of something you would normally tell them anyway. It's also a great conversations started amongst those who are interested in talking with you about it. A friend of mine once posted her son's report card (he is in 2nd grade), bragging about his grades, and everyone congratulated him and some of us even shared with her our children's achievements as well. No one was offended or took it wrong at all. It's no big deal! 

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