School Staff Pulls Down Students' Pants and 'Checks Them' to Solve Gym Prank (VIDEO)

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I want you to imagine for a moment: Your elementary school-aged child comes home in the afternoon and tells you that, at school that day, he or she had their pants pulled down and their butt inspected for feces. I know, it's completely insane, but this actually allegedly happened at a school in Pineland, Texas. Apparently, feces had been found on the floor in the gymnasium on numerous occasions -- and teachers and staff were unable to figure out who the culprit was -- so they marched all the kids into the nurse's office, pulled down their pants, and yep, checked them.

One account says that the school nurse "basically pulled the kids' pants down or out." Wes Little, a father of one of the student's said: "My kid came home and told me his butt had been inspected at the elementary school for feces. And he said he was embarrassed by the whole situation." But another account -- IE, the account by the principal and superintendent -- is downplaying what happened, saying, "No pants were pulled down past the buttocks, that they were merely pulled away at the waistline and peeked in to see if there was any feces." Superintendent Mike Pate added: "We've all been examined by nurses. I do think it is appropriate in certain situations."

Okay, examined by nurses, yes. When there's actually something wrong. A bunch of innocent little kids were just completely violated, because the faculty wanted to know who was pooping on the floor! Is it right that someone keeps doing this? Absolutely not! But even if you've exhausted all your options, you don't pull a kid's pants down to solve a case! Imagine how their parents must feel. I mean, what would you do if this happened to your child?

Personally, I don't know how I'd react. Right now, my daughter's still a baby, but I know the thought of this happening to her puts my stomach in knots. This is not okay. And quite frankly, this is just weird. Who would even think to do this?

Wes Little says he's still unsure if he'll take the matter before the board or state officials. As of now, he said that  by making the incident public, he's hoping it will keep it from happening again.

Um, yeah. I'd say. This incident should have never happened in the first place.

What would you do if this was your kid? News, Weather

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mommy... mommyof5cutties

Really..... how many parents pull their kids diapers away from the hip for a peek for a stink in public???? Many! Doing it in the nurses office was a good call... I would want to know who's spreading the shit around so to speak...

Roxan... Roxanne92

wow talk about an evasion of privacy, I would be going to the school and making sure they know not to touch my kid like that again.We teach kids how no one should touch them or do anything like this yet school officials go and do it,so wrong

mommy... mommyof5cutties

Omg... did you not read that they simply pulled the pants away from the body for peek at the but? Not like they made everyone strip and spread eagle!

mommy... mommyof5cutties

And it was a nurse who did it... not some regular teacher or staff... the nurse! A person. Who has seen there fare share of sickness poop and puke.

Michi... MichiganMom602

Complete over reaction.   The LOOKED in their pants, they didnt grope them....and we wonder what the hell is wrong with our school systems and why kids have no respect for teachers and adults.  Parents that freak out over every "perceived" injustice done to their poor little children.  

bills... billsfan1104

You are making this way more than what it is. How about teaching the kids that it is not ok to shit on the floor? When I read your inflammatory title, I was about to go off on these teachers, but it was no more than a peek.

gabe05 gabe05

My children would have been throwing fits.  They have been told that no one is EVER to look at or touch what is ordinarily covered by underwear unless I am present, including doctors.  Thank you for a reminder this morning of reason #3,485,298 why I homeschool.

gabe05 gabe05

If this were at a preschool, I would feel completely different.  5-12 year olds deserve a different level of respect and privacy.  My elementary school back in the '80's would have punished the entire school (with a reasonable consequence, like staying after school cleaning) each time there was a repeat incident until it ended, anticipating that innocent students who knew what was going on would pressure the offenders until it stopped.  Peer pressure would have been a far better solution.

miche... micheledo

Apparently they have never had a child who poops and NEVER gets ANYTHING on them. Seriously, one of my children never needs wiped. I don't know how he does it. So examining the kids wouldn't solve the mystery if it was my child! You just did all that for nothing!

Wheep... Wheepingchree

There was this episode of South Park where one of the boys was continually pooping in the water fountain, I think it was..perhaps the sink.  One of the two. This is all I can contribute. Hilarious episode.

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