Moms Do the Craziest Things While Driving: Funny or Scary? (VIDEO)


A few years ago when some states were moving to ban cell phone use in cars, pretty much every mom ever responded with "Can we ban driving with kids next? Because they are MUCH more of a driving distraction than any cell phone conversation."

Not to mention going anywhere in the car with kids is like a military invasion: you have to gather snacks, fill water bottles, make sure the car seat is buckled just right, deal with diapers or bathroom wonder it takes twice as long to get anywhere when you have kids in the car!


And if you think your life is nuts, the latest episode of Moms in the Wild gives moms at the wheel the Randall treatment. And you won't believe what he sees!

There is one mom putting on makeup while she drives her kid somewhere.  And we're not talking a quick one-handed, no-look swipe of lip gloss at a red light; nope, she's steering with her knees while she looks in the rear-view mirror to apply eyeliner in a moving car. Her kid is clearly not happy with this, and she's all "oh, calm down."

Seriously? The best outcome in this situation is she gets a serious eye injury, the worst is she takes out herself, her kid and who knows who else with her inattention. I'm guilty of talking on the phone in the car and inadvertently teaching my kid the word "douchebag" when referring to another driver, but come on, makeup application? Yes, I'm judging. Watch this and see what you think!

What's the worst thing you've ever done with your kids in the car?

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Tracys2 Tracys2

I'm really good with my kids in the car. It's just about the one thing I do pretty well.

I never look at them when we're moving, and when things get crazy, I tell them I need to concentrate and totally ignore them. Also don't use the phone. The worst things I do are drink from a straw, snack on finger foods, or change the radio station- and I do them by feel and when we're in safer places.

Them driving (in the future) is kind of terrifying, so I want them to know safety is really important and what to do and look for. Their dad is a good driver, but he's so distractible, looking at things while he's driving right next to other cars- eek!

Nycti... Nyctimene

Stupid and unsafe. Are the ones at 2:00 even wearing seatbelts? The girl seems to still be in a full-size (convertible) carseat but only [maybe] have a lapbelt and same with the little boy. These are all the little faces that are going to be launched out of the car when these idiot mommies crash because putting on their eyeliner or returning that "LOL" from their friend was more important than being a safe driver.

Bad drivers is one of my real pet peeves because it puts EVERYONE in danger. Pedestrians who aren't even driving, other drivers, the people in that's just one of the absolute most selfish things you could ever ever do in society.  

Kaela Wheeler

I hate to be judgy, but I really wish people would realize that for the average person, driving is the most dangerous thing they'll do that day and act accordingly.

Felly... FellyScarlett

I see crazy parents driving SUVs while talking on the phone and holding cups of coffee. It's insane.

work4... work4mickey

I don't drive. I take the bus.

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