Playgrounds Bring Out Moms' Inner Honey Badger (VIDEO)


Playgrounds can bring out the worst behavior...screaming, not sharing, aggressive behavior on the playground equipment...ugh, it's the worst. And I am not even talking about the kids. Moms (and dads) can sometimes be the ones showing really horrible behavior.

Randall (of "Honey Badger" fame) tracks some mothers to the playground with their children and narrates their behavior in this latest episode of Moms in the Wild. It's funny how the playground types are exactly the same, everywhere: the mom yammering on her phone while she bounces her kid on one of those spring mounted ponies, the hovering mom who goes down the slide with her eight-year-old, and the severely overdressed mom who looks more like she's cruising the park for hot dads than taking her kids out to play.

But there's one secret about moms at the park that Randall doesn't know, but I bet all of us do:

We don't go to the park for our kids' good. We do it at least as much for ourselves. It makes them happy, which means they are pleasant to be around, and lets them run off some energy, which means they are hungry for dinner and ready for bed when the time comes. And after a whole long day of refereeing sibling fights, answering 3.2 million questions, and having multiple people talk in our ears at once, we need to get out of the house and be around other adults. Talking to even the judgiest sanctimommy can be a respite (for a few minutes at least) from finding eighteen different answers to "why is the sky blue?"

So bah, Randall, you don't even know. See if you recognize any playground types in this video:


Do you love going to the park?

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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I do now that my kids can play with other kids. I however dont like being seeked for conversation lol i dont go to converse. I go to get my kids out of the house.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I CAN NOT wait for it to get nice out, so we can start hittin' up the playground again.  The indoors is doing major damage to my psyche and my daughter's energy levels.

carole76 carole76

I love the outdoors, and both my kids are big into the outdoors.  It's a great way the get out and excersize for me, I prefer hiking and going to a park over playgrounds, but my kids love the slides, and swings, and we have some real nice kid friendly play grounds close by.  The Akron cafemom group goes at least once a month to a playground, during Spring and Summer.  We try to do different locations, so moms in different areas of Akron and surrounding areas can come.  I do go to the park to hang with my mom friends, I don't see a big deal about it.  Our kids get along well and I get to hang with my girlfriends.  I really have not seen any bad behavior from a parent, or parents around me.  I guess after3 years of hanging out we just try to get along with everyone, we even approach other moms and dads at the parks and invite them to other events we do as a group.  As far as what we wear, what ever we can grab quick with the kids.  I usually put up my hair in a ponytail, and wear tennis shoes.  As far as my cell phone I use it, but not to take calls but to snap pictures of my kids and their friends playing.  I do see parents at the park that are on the phone, but I think they do it to try to look busy so others don't approach.  Usually more dads do this.  your so right about the park helping the kids eat and sleep.  After a hour playing nap time is a good thing.

nonmember avatar sezieq632

That man is utterly annoying. I have seen several of his and by the end I just want to slap him. That being said there was nothing wrong with any one of those scenes except the mom who looks like she is ready to go clubbing.

tuffy... tuffymama

I didn't see a mom on the slide with an eight year old...? And there was no one overdressed. There WAS a woman dressed like beach trash wearing white denim shorts and stripper shoes. That guy has the most annoying voice and speech pattern I've ever heard. EVER. Ugh.

kelti... kelticmom

Last weekend I observed a mom with her four kids at the park. A baby in a stroller, a maybe two year old, a four year old and one that seemed about six. She yelled from her bench the entire time for the six year old to stay with the two year old, though you could see he was chomping at the bit to be able to run, swing, slide, etc on the bigger kid equipment. She yelled at the four year old to stay off the swing bc she wasn't going to get up to help him off or push him. When my son went over to try and play with him, she yelled for him to go find his brother and stay with him. Her kids looked so miserable, I don't even know why she bothered bringing them to the park in the first place. And I observed so, loudly I might add, to my friend. Sadly, I see quite a few moms like that around here.

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