Playgrounds Bring Out Moms' Inner Honey Badger (VIDEO)

Playgrounds can bring out the worst behavior...screaming, not sharing, aggressive behavior on the playground equipment...ugh, it's the worst. And I am not even talking about the kids. Moms (and dads) can sometimes be the ones showing really horrible behavior.

Randall (of "Honey Badger" fame) tracks some mothers to the playground with their children and narrates their behavior in this latest episode of Moms in the Wild. It's funny how the playground types are exactly the same, everywhere: the mom yammering on her phone while she bounces her kid on one of those spring mounted ponies, the hovering mom who goes down the slide with her eight-year-old, and the severely overdressed mom who looks more like she's cruising the park for hot dads than taking her kids out to play.

But there's one secret about moms at the park that Randall doesn't know, but I bet all of us do:


We don't go to the park for our kids' good. We do it at least as much for ourselves. It makes them happy, which means they are pleasant to be around, and lets them run off some energy, which means they are hungry for dinner and ready for bed when the time comes. And after a whole long day of refereeing sibling fights, answering 3.2 million questions, and having multiple people talk in our ears at once, we need to get out of the house and be around other adults. Talking to even the judgiest sanctimommy can be a respite (for a few minutes at least) from finding eighteen different answers to "why is the sky blue?"

So bah, Randall, you don't even know. See if you recognize any playground types in this video:


Do you love going to the park?

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