7-Year-Old Collects Blankets for the Homeless & Warms Our Hearts

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blanketMost kids (and most adults) take something as simple as the comfort of a warm bed for granted, and don't stop to think about those who are less fortunate than them.

But one 7-year-old boy from Rock Hill, South Carolina stopped to count his blessings one night, as he asked his parents, "How do all those people who don’t have blankets or a house keep warm tonight?"

And when Carson Hollingsworth's mom and dad told him that there are people who don't have roofs over their heads or warm beds to sleep in and simply rely on prayer for warmth -- he knew he had to do something about it.

The next day, he told his parents that he'd like to collect blankets for the homeless -- and that's exactly what he did. He started an effort called "Carson's Covers" in the hopes of helping more people in his community stay warm in chillier temperatures.

The family contacted the pastor at their church, who put out a notice, and Carson would up with a huge box of donated blankets to give to those in need.

He hopes to keep his effort going and said, "Maybe I can get enough for everybody who needs a blanket."

OMG. Is this one of the sweetest kids you've ever heard about, or what?

As the mom of an almost 7-year-old boy, I know how proud I would be if he spoke up and did something out of the goodness of his heart with the sole purpose of helping others. When your child takes the initiative to think of a way to make other people's lives better, you know you've done something right in raising him for sure.

I definitely plan on sharing this story with my little guy when he gets home from school today. Carson is the perfect example of just how far a gesture of kindness can go, and that's definitely something I want to instill in my son.

Have your kids ever reached out to help others like Carson did?


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Blues... Blueshark77

Way to go, Carson! I had a friend whose family collected some coats for the homeless, but decided that giving them bibles was more important so they while they did give out a few coats, they then gave about 100 bibles. I think more coats would have been more appreciated.

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