10 Great Road Trip Games to Play With Kids to Quell the Cries of 'Are We There Yet?'

Road tripRoad trips with kids can be some of the most memorable occasions for families. Of course, the memories aren't always good ones if the kids are kicking each other in the backseat, and driving mom and dad insane upfront. From the right snacks to planning restroom breaks there's a lot to plan before you hit the road, but almost nothing is more important than a strategy to keep everyone from getting bored, which is just a recipe for disaster.

So what to plan? Car games and lots of them. I'm not going to lie to you and say that being prepared with a slew of games is going to magically stop the refrain of "Are we there yet?!" It will, however, help cut it down significantly, and make everyone's trip that much more enjoyable. Here are 10 of the best car games for kids:


1. I Spy --  A classic for good reason -- you can play it anywhere with absolutely no equipment necessary. The younger the kid, the more hilarious the things they spy.

2. The License Plate Game -- Give one person a pen and paper to do the recording, then see how many states you can find. Ice cream for everyone if you find all 50!

3. Car Bingo -- Fun for everyone, and there are lots of free game cards you can find online and print ahead of time.

4. The Alphabet Game -- "I went to the store, and I bought an ..." Start with "A" and continue through the alphabet. Each player has to recite everything that's been said before in order and then add his or her own to the end. If they can't they're out.

5. Tic Tac Toe -- This works especially well if you have an erasable board.

6. Hangman -- On paper or an erasable board.

7. 20 Questions -- An oldie but goodie. One person picks a subject and gives the other players a general category it's in (animals, movies, etc.), then the other players take turns asking questions. Whoever guesses correctly picks next. If no one does after 20 questions then the person reveals his choice and chooses another subject.

8. Mad Libs -- Make your own or buy a book. They always prove to be a good time.

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors -- Why not?

10. The Geography Game -- One person starts with any place in the world -- city, state, or country. Then the next person has to pick one  that starts with the last letter of that place. And so on.

What games would you add to the list?


Image via eyeliam/Flickr

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