Boy's Surprise Visit to See Grandpa Is Pure Display of Love (VIDEO)

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kid surprising grandpaLiving far away from a loved one is hard and especially so when you have kids who grow up so fast. If you don't see your family for a year, the kids grow up so much and they miss things. Skype, FaceTime, and photos just aren't enough. So those visits are special. Very, very special. One family made their visit to see Grandpa even more special by surprising him. Grandma was in on the act.

Grandpa lives in Germany and has health issues, which prevented him from flying. His family planned their trip from the US in secret and the surprise is going to put the biggest, happiest smile on your face. See for yourself ....

How big is your smile right now? You may even have some tears in your eyes like I do from watching this. It makes me miss my grandpa. It makes me want to hop on a plane right now with my kids so they can get those big bear hugs from their grandparents. The video is from 2010, but is just making the rounds now.

I love how Grandpa is beaming with pride and love looking at him. "Look how big he is!" he tells his daughter, hardly able to take his eyes off his adorable grandson who replies, "I can read well!"

Family. Precious family. Pure love.

Have you ever surprised a loved one with a visit?




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undrc... undrcvrmom

awwwwww that was adorable:) Grandpas are the best!

Irela... Ireland69

I loved it!  I didn't get to see my grandpas at all they died before I was born.  Sad I didn't get to experience that and neither did my boys my dad and father in law died before my boys were born also.

craft... craftycatVT

My husband, our little girl and I flew down to FL a couple years ago to surprise his grandmother on her 90th birthday. The look on her face when she saw us was priceless! Coincidentally, today is also her birthday! I wish we could have made the trip this year, but we bought a new house so funds are low. Maybe next year.

Blues... Blueshark77

That was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. I surprised my folks on their 30th anniversay about a decade ago, but my flight was delayed so the biggest surprise was someone coming in their house in the middle of the night. Glad I didn't scare them to death!

AionG... AionGladiator

My grandparents live in Indiana, while my mom and I live in Florida. One time, we decided to just drive up and visit them, as a surprise. When we were pulling up their road, my mom was on the phone with my grandma, telling her we were on the way to Wal-Mart! The look on her face when we walked in was priceless.

Kaelynne Aldrich

Husband's mom's 80th birthday was last March. The family was planning a big party for her, but we told we couldn't make it - to which she was bummed....But, the day before (as pl;anned), Our entire family drove from Dallas to Dever, and showed up at her front door, Us, her grandson/wife and her 2 grandchildren! She started crying, but it was happy tears...

Jan Pillsbury-Cochran

Yes, the tears are flowing along with that big smile...wonderful!!!!

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