9-Year-Old 'Weather Kid' Gives Most Entertaining Forecast Ever (VIDEO)


weather kidWhat's cuter than a slightly awkward kid in an adorably ill-fitting suit? A slightly awkward kid in an adorably ill-fitting suit doing the weather. Trust me.

Particularly if that kid is 9-year-old William Hallman of Fargo, North Dakota, helping out Valley News Live chief meteorologist Hutch Johnson with the most entertaining forecast you'll ever see. William has a "fascination" with weather, so he's definitely qualified for the gig ... even if the whole lights/camera/green screen thing does take some getting used to.

Still, William rolls with the live television punches like a pro (speaking of, that Hutch Johnson is one unflappable dude). Luckily somebody must have warned William before the broadcast to never, ever let his hands dangle at his sides ...

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That kid's got some onscreen presence, huh? Charisma, I think they call it in the meteorologist biz (fine, I made that up).

Was this the most entertaining weather forecast you've ever seen?


Image via Valley News Live/YouTube

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Irela... Ireland69

ADORABLE!!! he made me laugh =)

tuffy... tuffymama

What a cutie! I could just squeeze him! He seemed so confident. I hope he keeps that!

kisse... kisses5050

LOL my daughter got to be a Kid Caster when she was eight.. He said no rain in the forcast she looked at the guy and told him " No you are wrong dont you see that rain down there? it is going get to us" He said " good eye there but it will break up before reaching us" SHe said "wanna bet?' He said  " sure Ill bring you lunch at school tomorrow if you are right andyou have to get back up at five am tomorrow and come back on the show and say I was right  deal?" so they shook hands and he laughed... He brought her lunch to school the next day.

Beth3721 Beth3721

That cutie was forcasting my weather!

babya... babyanderson

Hey that's my local news!! Lol

SassB SassB

Young kids on live TV can be hilarious. A 5 year old cousin, who lived on a dairy farm, was on "Romper Room". Miss Mary asked what was the most interesting part of living on a farm (wrong open ended question...) Without hesitation he said "My daddy let me milk a bull". His mom turned white, the crew all had outrageous laughs, and the cameraman literally lost control of the camera he was laughing so hard.

No wonder they don't do those live anymore.

SassB SassB

Continued from above post (in reality he had milked a very large cow, not an actual bull)

Shayna Overbaugh

I am another Fargo resident and he made my night last week; I was just laughing and smiling because he was cute as can be. I can definitely see him taking over Hutch's job in a few years. And yes, Hutch is definitely an "unflappable dude", definitely my favorite of all the local meteorologists.

nonmember avatar Jessi

This is one of my friend's little brothers! He will be on Ellen tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 19th) and The Today Show on Thursday the 21st!

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