12-Year-Old Argentinian Girl Gives Birth to Twins Weeks After Her Birthday

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Following on the heels of another heart-breaking ‘babies having babies’ story in Mexico earlier this week, it’s been reported that a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has given birth to twin boys. The girl was 11 when she became pregnant, and only weeks into being 12 when she became a mom.

The babies were delivered by Caesarean section five weeks early, and police have launched a child abuse probe to apprehend the father. They’ve questioned two suspects so far, aged 16 and 20.

The girl’s aunt, who is only 14 herself, gave birth three months ago as well. I hope they are able to help each other, because I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your childhood ripped away from you like that. The trauma of sexual abuse, the physical strain of pregnancy, and the demands of motherhood -- it makes me want to cry thinking about those girls enduring all of it.

When I was a teenager, I know my mom worried that I would get pregnant, and I always thought it was because she didn’t want me having sex, and that would be proof, or didn’t want it to ‘look bad,’ but now that I’m a mom to two little girls, I know it’s more than that.

I want my daughters to grow up and leave their childhoods behind before they become mothers. I want them to be able to enjoy every stage of life that God gives them while they are in it, and not be forced to rush onto the next stage before they’re ready.

These girls have been put into situations they’re not prepared to deal with. No one is ever really prepared to become a mother, but 12-year-olds are barely prepared to be babysitters. My own 9-year-old still plays with dolls. I can’t imagine her having to be responsible for another human being.

I hope and pray that this little girl and her boys have people that will love them and help them. She’s not ready for this, and she’s going to need all the help she can get.

Do you think there’s a reason we’ve been seeing more of these stories lately?

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nonmember avatar Tiffani

Parents these days aren't as strict as they should be, afraid to punish their children. And don't watch their children as closely as they should. Not to mention being afraid of having "the talk" with them. I'd rather get over the fear of "the talk," than having to deal with my daughter getting pregnant at such a young age, and having to explain what is going on. Parents need to step up!

zaksm... zaksmommy12

I am just curious as to why people think it is so much better to give a young child a c-section instead of having a baby vaginally. I had a c-section and the recovery is so painful I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. It makes is so much harder to bf and take care of your baby when you are trying to recover yourself.

Darcy Nestler

I don't think at that age it is entirely the parents fault.  These girls were raped (if you had read the story)!  When I was 12 I was scared to even kiss a boy!  I had a kid when I was 16 though.  My mom didn't have "the talk" with me.  I know that I will be talking to my kids about it to prevent it from happening to them.

And often with twins, they do have a c-section.  There might have been complications as well that necessitated a c-section.   For pete's sake the girl was 12 and her body was not ready to give birth.

nonmember avatar Jamie

The girl is 12. vaginal or cesarian, these are 2 things she should not be worrying about at that age. and as for parents not punishing kids out of fear maybe here in the u.s. but this is in a third world country. she may not have any or was a victim of rape and had no one to protect her or her 14yr old aunt for that matter.

nonmember avatar Karrie

That is so tragic. She should have had an abortion. I can't imagine being a child and going through an almost full term pregnancy as being better off for her mental health as well as her life in general. Her life sounds as if it's difficult enough already.

zaksm... zaksmommy12

I don't mean this girl in general. I know for twins most of the time, the mothers have to have c-sections. I was in no way downing her for having one. I had to have one myself. Not by choice, it was a must so I completely understand that. But for some reason when these stories come up, lots of people say they hope the girl didn't have to go through any type of labor and have a planned c-section right away. A c-section is in no way any better than going through the pain of labor. I had my c-section five months ago and I still sometimes have pain from it.

Vanessa M Miller

First, punush an 11 year old for getting pregnant??? Are you serious? Who was protecting this little girl..NO where in the world can an 11 year give consent for sex..And for the reason for a c-section a 12 year old girl has not gone through pubirty when the hips widen so A. she was carrying twins )risk factor for c-section) and B she was 12.. Think people think....Why you woud punish a rape victim for getting pregnant??

Stephanie Fulbright Bowman

I doubt there's been an increase in this happening, there are young girls all over the world having babies every day. With technology and social media, we are just hearing about it more. I pray that it also helps to reach out and educate young girls, too. Wow ... I don't believe in abortion, but an 11 year old getting raped & becoming pregnant? How incredibly disturbing.

Sarah Shuping

You know, I am so sick of the people on this blog. Seriously, "She should have had an abortion" ?!?! What the hell is wrong with people. Sure, the poor girl is only 12 and has twin boys now...but you know what? There is another option and that would be called adoption. This world is full of stupid and sick people. And a ton of them are on here...posting judgmental blogs and comments. I'm not necessarily saying this blog was judgmental...but I am so done.

Ramona Dixiefairypixie Putnick-Morgan

Seriously saddens me that people find this news worthy, those "children" are Victims of circumstance and having a child under any circumstance is scary enough, how can a parent not know this has happened...I mean 11 year olds arent very big,(skinny usually) so how could noone have not seen her developing a tummy? and asked questions? seriously there is a great deal lacking in this poor girls lives and now for the rest of their lives, as well.... I can't imagine what I would do getting my hands on the pervert that thinks a child is arousing....that is one sick individual!

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