11-Year-Old in Coma After Fight With Bullies Is Every Parent's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

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An 11-year-old boy has been placed in a medically induced coma after what his dad says was a bullying attack at his school.

Bailey O'Neil is a sixth grader at Darby Township School in Pennsylvania, and according to his father, four weeks ago, he got into a fight with a classmate, who had been bullying him along with some other kids. He struck Bailey in the face over and over again. He wound up on the ground with a fractured nose and a concussion.

He was taken to the hospital and released, but his father explains how things just didn't seem right after they got home. He said, "He was sleeping. He was moody. He wasn't himself. He was angry a little bit. He wasn't really eating."

Just a few days after that, Bailey went back into the hospital because he started having seizures. And now, he's been in a coma for two weeks.

You can hear more about what happened to the boy in this video clip.

As the mother of a son who has recently had his first encounter with bullying, Bailey's story leaves me saddened, outraged, and scared to death over just how violent and mean bullies can be.

My little guy is only in first grade, but already, another boy the same age has been giving him a hard time on the school bus. He growls at him. He yells at him sometimes. And recently, he told my son that if he didn't stop talking and sit there silently, he was going to hurt him.

He hasn't done anything physical, but the threat alone has left me and my husband irate and confused over how a child this young can already be experiencing bullying from another first grader.

For now, we feel as though we've handled the situation in the right way and we're keeping our fingers crossed that this horrible boy leaves our son alone. But sadly, it's opened our eyes to the fact that this is probably just the beginning. We're sure our son is going to encounter more than his fair share of bullies as the years progress, and Bailey's story is only further proof of just how serious a problem this is.

My heart and prayers go out to that poor family -- I can't even imagine how heartbroken they are right now. And at the same time, they must be absolutely livid, considering the kid who allegedly beat up their son was suspended from school for two days, and that's it. As of now, no charges have been filed against him, which to me is just unacceptable. Some sort of greater punishment has to be enforced so another family doesn't have to experience the devastation of having their beloved child lying in a hospital bed in a coma.

Have your kids ever been bullied?


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SIMom... SIMomSays

Poor guy... meanwhile if he would have fought back he would have been the one kicked out of school... its a sad, scary world we live in. Sigh.

Elizabeth Teter

If a adult did this they would go to jail.(to a other adult) Your right if the boy would have fought back he would get kicked out, that's so massed up.

handy... handy0318

Absolutely the boy would have been kicked out for fighting back.  

My daughter was simply walking across the school campus when another girl came up from behind, shoved her to the ground and started pummeling her.  My daughter sort of twisted and turned so that she could push back and protect herself.  She did not hit the girl who was hitting her, she just defended herself from being punched, but because she "touched" the other girl, yep, she was suspended for a day.

The other girl had heard a rumor and thought my daughter had said some things she hadn't.  The other girl said that she really couldn't remember why she started hitting my daughter.  All the kids who witnessed it agreed that the other girl came up from behind and attacked my daughter, completely unprovoked.

None of that mattered...my daughter still received a one day suspension, exact same punishment as the girl who flew across the campus and attacked someone from behind, completely unprovoked.  I treated her sleeping in, a new haircut and we rented some of her favorite movies. 

We homeschool now.... don't have to put up with this craziness. 

nonmember avatar Beth

I will teach my son to NEVER bully and he will be in so much trouble with me if he so much as thinks about being a mean kid. On the other hand, I am also going to teach him that if someone throws a punch first then to absolutely defend himself. I don't care if he gets kicked out. This world is turning ridiculous.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Put  a kid in a coma, two day suspension. But let them throw an imaginary grenade at evil and watch all hell break loose. 

Katie Hesney Johnson

handy, I'm so sorry that happened to your daughter, that sounds awful. My husband and I have already discussed it, we are giving our daughter full permission to DEFEND herself if physically provoked, I don't care if the school has consequences. Stories like these are the perfect reason why students should be allowed to protect themselves. 

And a side note, only TWO days suspension for fighting in school? I know my school district was a minimum of ten days, no matter what. A fight that warrants a trip to the ER should yield more than two days. Most of the time, fights were treated by the school nurse, I've seen my share of fights and I never saw anyone go to the ER. Scary stuff, makes me want to look into private schools in my area. 

Bloom... Bloomie79

Handy... That's disgusting! We homeschool as well but my son is ready to go to b&m for middle school, it's a scary scary time.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

Unbelievable.  I was bullied throughout school, even experiencing it in college, and though I was thankfully never beaten this bad it really impacted my life.  The school should suspend the other boy until further notice and he should be charged with assault.  It's ridiculous that the message we are sending our kids is that they are to blame for being bullied and that the schools aren't going to do a damn things since "kids will always bully other kids."  No wonder why so many kids are committing suicide.  They aren't getting the support they need from our schools and society.  It's sickening that we have the power to change things so this may never happen again but yet people choose to point fingers and do nothing.  

nonmember avatar Kerri

My daughters have both been taught, you don't start a fight, but reguardless of school policy they have my permission to end it.

The80s The80s

My daughter has been bullied because of her heart condition meds that make her cheeks puffy and she gets too tired to do 'normal' things. Since the school couldn't do anything and she was getting sicker, I took her out.

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