Kids' Facility Offers Hairstyling Classes ... for Dads!?

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haircutMy husband ranks right up there as one of the most involved dads I have ever met. He never thought twice about jumping in to change diapers or read bedtime stories. But even Super Dad takes one look at long little girl hair and goes screaming for Mom.

Our daughter's locks are his kryptonite. So when I read about the children's center that is offering up hair care classes to fathers of daughters, I seriously contemplated signing him up. Why should I be the only one wielding a "magic brush" and that bottle of detangler? Does he really think I'm the only one who can yell, "hold STILL" while clenching a ponytail holder in her teeth?

The answer, as you might have guessed, is yes. I am a girl, and once upon a time, I had long hair. As such, I am the only member of this two-parenting household who entered parenting with such mystical knowledge as how to create a braid and the difference between a ponytail and pigtails.

I am the appointed hair-doer in this house.

It's fine. Until I get sick or I go on a business trip. That's when all hell breaks loose!

Which leads me to this hairstyling class for dads touted by none other than the dads at 8 Bit Dad (of course). The bad news is it's in England. A guy named Chris Cavanagh started it after a friend's wife passed away, leaving the grieving widower to take his daughters to a neighbor’s house to get their hair "done."

But get this: so many dads liked the idea that the class oversold! There were more dads signing up than the were slots -- double the amount! Now that's a Super Dad for you!

So why aren't we doing this here in the good old US of A? We've got plenty of involved dads who could use a little help mastering the French braid.

Would you sign your daughter's dad up for a hairstyling course?


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nonmember avatar Alyce

Yes, I would. I think my daughter and husband would have a good time. He already does a good job getting her hair done on days I'm working, but I think the class would be good bonding time.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

my cousin needs this.  He has three girls and won't do there hair at all.  He used to send the brush and hair stuff with is girls and their teacher would do it.  

manda... mandaschelle

My DH does a good job with our daughters hair. He often gets her pigtail part straighter than I do.

truth... truthrowan

This is a great idea. Also, classes for parents of multi-ethnic children. I know so many moms of biracial kids or whose children are adopted and have ethnic hair, who do not know how to care for their childs hair.


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