10 Most Embarrassing Things Kids Say

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mouthWe parents wait anxiously for those first words. Then that first sentence. We dream of the day we can actually have a conversation with our precious little ones. But eventually, we all come to the startling realization that with all that chatter comes some inevitably embarrassing moments.

Take this recent incident for example. I was in the elevator of our apartment building with my son along with another mother and child. When the mom suggested we have a playdate, my darling kid said, “No. My mom says he’s mean and rude so you can’t come to my house.” I was mortified. I felt so bad. I know I'm not the only mom who has been there. I asked around. Here are the 10 most embarrassing things our kids say.

  1. As an overweight woman stops to compliment on how cute your DD is, DD says, "Oh mommy, that lady is really fat."
  2. During a playdate you hear your son telling his friend, "My mommy said she doesn't like your mommy." That mom happens to be in earshot too!
  3. "Grandma, why does mommy think you have a big nose?" DS says after overhearing you say your mother-in-law is nosy.
  4. Visiting a family member's home, you take your son to the bathroom and he loudly whines, "Iccckkkkk! This bathroom is nasty."
  5. When the minister remarks he hasn't seen the family in awhile, DS shares, "Mommy and daddy like to sleep on Sundays."
  6. While having dinner with the neighbors, your DD reveals, "I dropped all the rolls on the floor but mommy put them back on the plate."
  7. "My daddy poops with the door open," boasts DS during drop-off.
  8. As you grab the back of your son's pants to get him from under the restaurant table, he shouts very loudly, "You're touching my private parts!"
  9. "Mommy that man smelled really bad, like cat pee!" as a disheveled man walks by.
  10. As you bend down to help your child put on her coat at pick-up, she says, "Mommy, your breath smells rotten."

What embarrassing things have your children said?

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Julie... Julienikki06

can anyone tell me what dd, ds, dh etc stand for on here? I see it all the time?!

IBNea... IBNeaters

I'm starting a journal of things my son says.  My favorite is still when he was three, he excused himself from the table to go to the bathroom and, after being in there for a bit, he opens the door and yells to the house full of people--Mommy, I'm okay, I'm just in the bathroom playing with my penis!!

Sam Dunlap

Yall sure seem to get embarrassed and ashamed way too easily. It's not healthy; for you or for your innocent children that I note some of you are already corrupting. "you aint goin with my family cause your black. I wanted to climb under that table and hide." Really? Tight parenting. 

I wanted to ask yall, as part of a study I'm conducting on the insanity of mothers, how many of you would punish your child for one of these embarrassing episodes of HONESTY that seem to shame you so?

I once saw a boy get beaten viciously by his mother for telling the truth. That lady did look like an elephant, she was just that fat. I'd have sworn in as an affidavit / witness but children don't get fair trials from you lot. You just start wacking away or emotionally degrading them with your shame, fears, obsession with public opinion, emotional needy, love, malice and deceit.

Dontcha. No offence!  

Lindsay Gracey

A few times when I have not answered the phone, my 7 year old has picked it up and said "Yeah, my Mom is here. She just doesn't want to talk to you right now." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Ann Johnston

While in a cab one time with my girls, who were both little at the time, the driver (man), and man in the back seat, my older daughter proceeded to tell the man about the Simpson's episode she had snuck to see the night before..u know..the one where Marge and Homer are doing it on the mini-golf course and have to sneak home after getting caught?  She tells them.."My mom and dad do that all the time" (not on a golf course).  I was so embarrassed and both men just died laughing.

nonmember avatar Laura

My son was with my mom (thank God) she was walking and told him to hurry up, he yelled Grams I can't walk so fast my hemmoroids are killing me.

Lea Martin

My daughter wasn't quite 3 when I had her little brother. I was at an OB appointment when she suddenly got me not once but twice in the same conversation. While my Ob was measuring my daughter decided to inform her that I was having my baby next month and she wanted to know when my doctor was going to have hers, as if this wasn't bad ebough I tried to head her off at the pass because I knew what was about to come out of her mouth so I tugged her braid. She was so surprised that she grabbed the door handle and as the door opens my daughter not quite yells "Ouch Mommy why did you pull my hair? I only wanted to know when the nice lady was going to have her baby!" I wanted to die! If I hadn't been only a few weeks from my due date I probably would have been on the phone with a new doctors office that very afternoon.


nonmember avatar Sam

when my eldest son was 3, he and my best friends son over heard my friend and I discussing plans for a big party about how we preferred jose tequila over the one with the hat type top - later in the supermarket when we had asked for help locating the correct bottle, both boys shouted very loudly 'my mummy doesnt drink that rubbish, she only drinks Jose's' it made us sound like hardened big drinkers and we wanted the ground to open up and swallow us!

Tracey Silva Cook

My daughter used to have a remark (loudly)for anything that smelled weird,no matter where we were.Or if someone had a messy house,she would tell them their house was messy! The most embarrassing she ever did to me was in a store.She was about 3 and decided to get out of her stroller and take off.I grabbed her by the arm and she yells "Hey let go of me,lady!"like i was some stranger trying to kidnap her! I was soooo embarrassed.Little stinker. ;)


Susan Hamberg

When my little daughter was being potty trained herself, she opened up the door on her dad and seen him standing by the toilet and said "Good girl daddy."

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