10 Most Embarrassing Things Kids Say

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mouthWe parents wait anxiously for those first words. Then that first sentence. We dream of the day we can actually have a conversation with our precious little ones. But eventually, we all come to the startling realization that with all that chatter comes some inevitably embarrassing moments.

Take this recent incident for example. I was in the elevator of our apartment building with my son along with another mother and child. When the mom suggested we have a playdate, my darling kid said, “No. My mom says he’s mean and rude so you can’t come to my house.” I was mortified. I felt so bad. I know I'm not the only mom who has been there. I asked around. Here are the 10 most embarrassing things our kids say.

  1. As an overweight woman stops to compliment on how cute your DD is, DD says, "Oh mommy, that lady is really fat."
  2. During a playdate you hear your son telling his friend, "My mommy said she doesn't like your mommy." That mom happens to be in earshot too!
  3. "Grandma, why does mommy think you have a big nose?" DS says after overhearing you say your mother-in-law is nosy.
  4. Visiting a family member's home, you take your son to the bathroom and he loudly whines, "Iccckkkkk! This bathroom is nasty."
  5. When the minister remarks he hasn't seen the family in awhile, DS shares, "Mommy and daddy like to sleep on Sundays."
  6. While having dinner with the neighbors, your DD reveals, "I dropped all the rolls on the floor but mommy put them back on the plate."
  7. "My daddy poops with the door open," boasts DS during drop-off.
  8. As you grab the back of your son's pants to get him from under the restaurant table, he shouts very loudly, "You're touching my private parts!"
  9. "Mommy that man smelled really bad, like cat pee!" as a disheveled man walks by.
  10. As you bend down to help your child put on her coat at pick-up, she says, "Mommy, your breath smells rotten."

What embarrassing things have your children said?

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tinyp... tinypossum

Recently, at Disney World, we were in line for a character meet and greet. The person working the line happened to be a dwarf. My 3 y/o walked up to him and asked, "what are you?". The guy either mis-heard or chose to mis-hear and answered "I'm fine, how are you?". I hope he didn't understand my son. Otherwise, MORTIFIED.

court... courtneycatt

I have heard while standing in line at Target my son say "Mom it's getting big again" while his hand was down his pants.

The little has asked many times and loudly  in church "Where is the creature?" referring to the Preacher.

harli... harliesmommy07

i was in the little girls aisle getting socks for her and she picked up and a training bra( keep in mind she is 5)embarrassed and said " mommy i need this" and i said " no honey your too young for a bra right now" and she grabbed her chest and said VERY loudly " LOOK at these MOM, i have BOOBS and i DO need a bra!!!!!!!!" as she said this there were a few different people walking behind us and u could tell they heard her because they were trying their hardest not to laugh. i was SOOOOO embarrassed!!!!

catwo... catwoman123456

   Me and my grandson were sitting outside and the sun was shining on my no longer totally  brunette hair. So dear old grandson tried to make me feel better about it by telling me " you're not old, mama .Grey hair means you're wiser, too!cat

Journ... Journeysmama11

My daughter is 21 months and when we were in the check out at the grocery store she grabbed my shirt and pulled out at it and said "Ahhh, eat eat!" because she knows her little brother is eating when he is breastfeedng. lol! She also feels the need to shout "HI!" at everyone in the store. Once my husband passed some gas at the store quietly but she said rather loudly, "DADA! poopoo?!" hahaha

Kynthia Alice Rosgeal

At church, the congregation is in prayer, DD (age 30 months) grabs my breast, I pull her hand away (We are the only ones in the front pew, BTW) and whisper "My boobie", okay, experienced moms already see what Ive done wrong. The rest of the congregation is about to find out. The Father (Catholic Father, not DDs bio dad)has his back to us, she reaches out like a cobra biting a bad snake charmer and loudly, proudly proclaims "MY BOOBIE" the snickers and even out right guffaws behind me throught the entire church are bad enough, But I see the Preists shoulders shaking with quiet laughter and I am praying that I have been good enough or bad enough for one of the two principles to either whisk me away to heaven, or pull me to hell, just ANYWHERE but that pew.

nonmember avatar Candy

Can someone please explain what DD and DS mean?

toaks93 toaks93

Candy, they mean Darling Daughter, and Darling Son.


Sabine DeLioncourt

How about the time my friend Anthony said Penis once in walmart,and my then 2 year old DS proceeded to screech this word at the top of his lungs the entire way through the store?

nanny... nannyleigh

*Candy* it mean Darling Daughter/Darling Son!!! When my DS was 14 months old I gave birth to his sister! While in hospital my husband brought him to visit us and brought some chocolate to bribe him with to make him behave! He couldn't talk very well at the time and would just say odd words! So when he was getting bored and restless I told my husband to break a piece of chocolate off and give him some much to my sons delight but he wanted more and decided to shout very loudly over and over "Piece Off Daddy! Piece Off" you can imagine what it sounded like from a 14 month old! The looks we got from other people on the ward were dreadful I couldn't get the chocolate in his mouth quick enough!!

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