10 Most Embarrassing Things Kids Say

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mouthWe parents wait anxiously for those first words. Then that first sentence. We dream of the day we can actually have a conversation with our precious little ones. But eventually, we all come to the startling realization that with all that chatter comes some inevitably embarrassing moments.

Take this recent incident for example. I was in the elevator of our apartment building with my son along with another mother and child. When the mom suggested we have a playdate, my darling kid said, “No. My mom says he’s mean and rude so you can’t come to my house.” I was mortified. I felt so bad. I know I'm not the only mom who has been there. I asked around. Here are the 10 most embarrassing things our kids say.

  1. As an overweight woman stops to compliment on how cute your DD is, DD says, "Oh mommy, that lady is really fat."
  2. During a playdate you hear your son telling his friend, "My mommy said she doesn't like your mommy." That mom happens to be in earshot too!
  3. "Grandma, why does mommy think you have a big nose?" DS says after overhearing you say your mother-in-law is nosy.
  4. Visiting a family member's home, you take your son to the bathroom and he loudly whines, "Iccckkkkk! This bathroom is nasty."
  5. When the minister remarks he hasn't seen the family in awhile, DS shares, "Mommy and daddy like to sleep on Sundays."
  6. While having dinner with the neighbors, your DD reveals, "I dropped all the rolls on the floor but mommy put them back on the plate."
  7. "My daddy poops with the door open," boasts DS during drop-off.
  8. As you grab the back of your son's pants to get him from under the restaurant table, he shouts very loudly, "You're touching my private parts!"
  9. "Mommy that man smelled really bad, like cat pee!" as a disheveled man walks by.
  10. As you bend down to help your child put on her coat at pick-up, she says, "Mommy, your breath smells rotten."

What embarrassing things have your children said?

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Diann Porath

id have to say the time my dswalked up to a random stranger and grabbed her boobs.....i had to explain the situation to her and lickily she was very understanding about it.....sometimes actions speak louder than words


nonmember avatar Cara

We live in a rural town where dental hygiene is not a top priority. My oldest is notorious for letting people know their teeth are rotted and they need to brush their teeth.

MelDo... MelDouglas

I wear dentures and whenever I put them in and we go out somewhere anyone that happens to catch his attention, gets informed "mommies wearing her teeth today", when i can walk off and pretend i don't exist to that person I'm fine but once it happened to be the lady cutting his hair so i had to sit there until she was done. I get the "mommie are you pooping?" All the time when we are using a public restroom cause i make him go in the stall with me so i don't leave him alone.

nonmember avatar Dmarie

A man with an eye patch was standing behind us at the doctors office. My son asks "why is there a pirate at my doctors?"

nonmember avatar Debra

Sitting in a new church the first as a visitor, during prayer time a older guy sitting beside us. grandson hollers that stinks grandma did u fart because i know i didnt the guy behind me walked no need 2 say i didnt go back 2 that church lol

Nially Nially

When I was pregnant with my youngest: 

My oldest son is sitting in my room with me, and I pull up my shirt a little so that he can see where the baby is. He points at my belly  button and asks if the baby is in the hole. Not wanting to ague with the mind of a three year old, I give the affirmative. A few days later, we are getting more blood work done, and my oldest comes with me. An elderly lady who is in the waiting room with us is talking to him about the baby when she asks him where the baby is. My son, without missing a beat responds: "In the hole." You should have seen the look on the lady's face as I tried to explain that he was talking about my belly button. I am sure that our expressions mirrored each others.

Jennifer Stephens

The first time my son saw a person of color: He cooked to long. First large woman: she's gonna has lots of babies. Can we have a boy one?

06132... 06132006j

Most embarrassing moment of my life my husband and I my five year old son and my mom were all eating at olive garden my five year old and the waiter who happened to be a black man were mouthing stuff off to one another my son pipes up and says im goin to ross after this the waiter replies no your gonna stay here and wash dishes im goin to ross to which my son replies you aint goin with my family cause your black. I wanted to climb under that table and hide

TheMrsG TheMrsG

When my DD was three, she had a hard time pronouncing certain words.  We were in a crowded grocery  store and she had been very good.  We went past the snack aisle, and this is where I wished the ground would swallow me whole.  She saw the Jell-o cups.  We spent the next  what seemed like eternity with her screaming " Dildo mommy!  I want my dildo!!!"   I know why ferrets eat their young....

nonmember avatar Karen C.

I took my two year old son bra shopping with me and I went into the dressing room and had my back to him but he still yelled "I see mommies boobies!!!!" At the top of his lungs. I got dressed and walked out and all the ladies were giggling. I was Sooo embarrassed! Lol

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