10 Most Embarrassing Things Kids Say

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mouthWe parents wait anxiously for those first words. Then that first sentence. We dream of the day we can actually have a conversation with our precious little ones. But eventually, we all come to the startling realization that with all that chatter comes some inevitably embarrassing moments.

Take this recent incident for example. I was in the elevator of our apartment building with my son along with another mother and child. When the mom suggested we have a playdate, my darling kid said, “No. My mom says he’s mean and rude so you can’t come to my house.” I was mortified. I felt so bad. I know I'm not the only mom who has been there. I asked around. Here are the 10 most embarrassing things our kids say.

  1. As an overweight woman stops to compliment on how cute your DD is, DD says, "Oh mommy, that lady is really fat."
  2. During a playdate you hear your son telling his friend, "My mommy said she doesn't like your mommy." That mom happens to be in earshot too!
  3. "Grandma, why does mommy think you have a big nose?" DS says after overhearing you say your mother-in-law is nosy.
  4. Visiting a family member's home, you take your son to the bathroom and he loudly whines, "Iccckkkkk! This bathroom is nasty."
  5. When the minister remarks he hasn't seen the family in awhile, DS shares, "Mommy and daddy like to sleep on Sundays."
  6. While having dinner with the neighbors, your DD reveals, "I dropped all the rolls on the floor but mommy put them back on the plate."
  7. "My daddy poops with the door open," boasts DS during drop-off.
  8. As you grab the back of your son's pants to get him from under the restaurant table, he shouts very loudly, "You're touching my private parts!"
  9. "Mommy that man smelled really bad, like cat pee!" as a disheveled man walks by.
  10. As you bend down to help your child put on her coat at pick-up, she says, "Mommy, your breath smells rotten."

What embarrassing things have your children said?

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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Lmao omg these r awesome. I have more embarrassing stories than i can even remember.

Fondue Fondue

There was a mother and her young daughter sharing a stall in the restroom at my office one day.  Here's the conversation:

Little girl:  Mommy, is that diarrhea?

Mom:  No, honey.

Little girl:  What does diarrhea look like?

Mom:  Well, it kind of looks like hot chocolate.

Little girl: (pauses for a second and then says) With marshmallows?

Me:  (tries hard to stifle a giggle fit)

nonmember avatar Martha

On line at the grocery store my son tells the man in front of us..."Eeeww mister I can smell your butt, you should wipe better"

Lisa Verness Cavallo

after a day at the beach i put my son and his cousins all 5 under in the shower to wash of the sand. he exclaimed to me that his girl cousin had two butts!!! OMG ! LOL

Michelle Lynn Godwin

When my daughter was younger we were grocery shopping and I accidentally knocked a jar of jelly off the shelf and it broke all over the floor! Well, I went up to the customer service shelf and told them that SOMEONE broke a jar of jelly and it's all over the floor and needs to be picked up. My Daughter chimes in, "Mom, you broke dat jelly" LOL.... Then one day we are at a very busy water park, in the wave pool with a TON of people around, and she says, very loudly "Mom, you need to bleach your mustache" LMAO, Damn kids!!!

Kate Tietje

My daughter (5) thinks all adults have big butts (you know, compared to her).  She likes to announce "Mommy has a big butt!  And when I get older I'm going to have one too!"  then once when a friend stopped by she wasn't wearing pants for some reason and pulled up her dress to show it off to said friend as she said this....

She also likes to lecture people in grocery stores about healthy food choices.  "Oh, you have apples, those are very healthy!  But that candy is bad for you."  (We talk a lot about how people make their own choices and that's okay!)

Dion Nelson

The other day at my mom's work, in front of all of her coworkers, I pick my son up and he puts his muddy boots on my jacket. I ask him to be careful and not to stick his legs out like that and get me all dirty. He starts laughing and yells very loudly, "Dirty boobs!" and then proceeds to grab my boobs...... I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.......

Susan Morrison

I think our son was 7 and our daughter 5 at the time, we were having pizza with my brother in law ans family and some guys and their families, from the sawmill we work for. Out of nowhere our son says "My mommy can beat my daddy up" ,very loudly! Needless to say everyone in Pizza Hut turned around to see this woman that beats her husband up. My husband is a logger and muscular. I am muscular as well because I am a farmgirl and work with him as needed. I don't know whose face was redder his or mine!

nonmember avatar mustangharms

My 2 year old decided to start screaming in Walmart that Daddy bite her. Since he didn't bite her we are assuming he accodently pinched her when he picked her up, but talk about embarrassing.

Dion Nelson

Here's one from my daughter.  I was at the shopping mall having a gilry day with my 2 year old daughter.  I had to use the washroom and brought her in with me.  I pull down my pants, and she blurts out very loudly, "Mom, is that your big penis?" ... I was speachless....  I just wanted to flush myself down the toilet......  Needless to say, we had a discussion about the differences between male and female anatomy later that day!


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