School Binds 8-Year-Old Girl's Feet With Duct Tape So Tightly That She Can't Walk (VIDEO)

Shaylyn SearcyEvery time I see a story in which a special needs child is abused by educators in the name of discipline, my first reaction is disbelief that someone could be so ignorant and so cruel. But as these stories continue to come in from schools across the country, it's clear that plenty of people are, and this recent case out of Indiana is an extreme yet prime example.

According to RTV6, Nate Searcy went to meet his 8-year-old daughter Shaylyn, who has Down Syndrome, from the bus earlier this week. He saw her limping, and she told him her feet hurt. When he bent down to see what was wrong, he saw that there was duct tape wrapped around both her shoes and ankles. "She couldn't even walk," he told the station.

I imagine the many horrible scenarios that he must have thought of involving cruel kids. But what happened was, in some ways, even worse, as it appears to have been done by educators.

While the school won't comment on what happened or who taped her feet, the bus driver said she had to be pushed out to the bus in a wheel chair. So clearly someone in charge knew this had been done.

Searcy said he took his daughter back to the school to get to the bottom of it, and it took 30 minutes for the principal to remove the tape. Furthermore, he said it was so tight that Shaylyn's circulation was cut off, and she was left with bruises.

Her parents say that Shaylyn has had some discipline problems, but that in the past teachers have worked with them to get her to cooperate. Mom, Elizabeth Searcy, told the station:

They've called me before because she won't get her shoes on or she won't stand up and walk to the bus and had fits. And I've talked to her on the phone with the teacher, and she's got up and she's got on that bus. I don't know why today was any different.

I'm home before they get home from school. There's no reason why I couldn't go get her, if it was such an issue.

There's no reason that anyone should ever resort to something like this to discipline any child, much less one with special needs who may be scared and confused by it all. It sounds like nothing short of abuse.

I don't doubt that special needs teachers have challenging jobs. In fact, I think that people who choose to go into that line of work are some of the most compassionate and giving people around, and most of them are amazing. So it's especially infuriating when people abuse that role and mistreat these innocent children. There's always got to be a better way than to do something like this.

Can you see any way in which duct taping a child's feet for discipline would be okay?


Image via RTV6


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Ameri... AmericanChild82

That school would be hiring a lawyer because I'd be suing the crap out of them.

kelti... kelticmom

If that was my child, whatever "teacher" did that had better start running for the hills. Despicable!

Jenniy Jenniy

I would have someone's job!!!!!!

Nycti... Nyctimene

Welcome to school in America. 

nonmember avatar Cam

This is just disgusting. The person who duct taped her, the person who wheeled her to the bus, any parent or staff member watching her get wheeled to the bus, and the bus driver, all thought that it was okay to treat this poor child this way, and didn't stop to intervene? What in God's name are all of these "adults" thinking? Every single person involved should be charged with child abuse/neglect at minimum and never be allowed the privilege of working with children ever again! Our children are pretty much defenseless against the adults in the position of authority while attending school and it's sickening that we as parents don't even have the opportunity to rescue them from such abuse because not one single adult went out of their way to step in. The human race is becoming uglier and uglier by the minute.

Robin Hilliker

am i reading this correctly her parents waited until the had driven back to the school for the principle to remove why did they not remove the tap as soon as they saw it, will they be suing the school , and if so will they be suing for more because of the damage the tap did witch was worsened by the fact that they waited for the principle to remove the tap rather then removing it as soon as they saw it?

ALove... ALovelyWife

How terrible. I'm sick of hearing of special needs children being abused by their "teachers". Duct taping as a form of discipline is too extreme in ANY case. 

kelti... kelticmom

Robin, I imagine they wanted the principal to see firsthand, so that the school couldn't say that the parents made it up. And I doubt they realized just how tight that tape was on there. Disgusting.

Courtney Evans

It's embarrassing and sickening to think that ANYone considered a "professional" educator would think this behavior is acceptable. The multiple PEOPLE responsible for this treatment need to be released of their duties immediately. NO one, and especially not a CHILD should fear going to a supposedly "safe" place where they are meant to learn how to be productive citizens.

tuffy... tuffymama

This is making me crazy. Ugh. I want to SKIN the jerk who did this. That poor kid. And those poor parents! I cannot fathom having to send my kid back to that torture chamber after this happened.

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