9 Healthy Road Trip Snacks That You Can Find at the Convenience Store

fruitWhether you're bringing your family to the slopes to get in some quality time and skiing or heading off to visit family, winter travel can call for even more hours in the car than a road trip any other time of the year. That's why you've gotta be prepared ... with various diversions from games to music to the family iPad and, of course, snacks.

But even the most prepared parents find themselves ocassionally hunting down a healthy treat in a highway gas station, rest stop, or convenience store. Not an easy task. But have no fear. A few ideas here ...

  1. Nuts - As long as the kiddos don't have allergies, packs of peanuts or almonds are always a good bet for the protein and monounsaturated "good fat" they pack!
  2. Whole grain cereal cups - Convenience stores often carry these in the cereal display. Mix with some low-fat yogurt and presto -- healthy snack!
  3. Low-fat yogurt - Many brands offer one-quarter of your d