Former Navy SEAL Matches Protective Parents With Veteran Nannies

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Navy SealMove over Mary Poppins, G.I. Jane may be taking over. A new New York childcare agency is specializing in matching up families in search of nannies with military veterans. Talk about a match made in protective parenting heaven. 

After the horrific slaying of Kevin and Marina Krim's children by their nanny last year in New York, former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam decided to start his company, Tactical Nanny. He told the New York Post, "That family even went down to the Dominican Republic thinking they were screening the nanny, but they didn’t really know who she was.”

Unfortunately, that's  true for many of us who invite virtual strangers into our homes to care for our children. We can check references and do background checks, but still our methods are limited. To have someone that's already been screened by the U.S. government and has been deemed fit and trained to serve and protect our country definitely bumps up that security a notch or two.

Gilliam told the paper: "We’re not just offering another nanny service. These women have a proven track record. They’re veterans protecting the future of the USA."

It's rather brilliant really. Who wouldn't want someone who has been trained to serve and protect, protecting their kids on a daily basis? Oh, and they'll come armed if you like.

Of course such stellar care isn't cheap. These veteran nannies will run you more than $30 per hour. But if you have the funds, then it may well be worth it. One of the nannies working for the service, 23-year-old Army Reservist Melissa Fraga, explained her strengths to the paper:

Let’s say a nanny would freak out if she hears sounds around her. I’d be able to see the situation, figure out where the noise is coming from, check around the house and then do whatever other steps I need.

As for the one downside I immediately thought of when I heard of this idea -- post-traumatic stress syndrome -- Gilliam says the nannies' military records are screened and he's working with a psychologist to provide the best matches.

So really, besides the cost, it sounds like a win-win for everyone. It provides well-trained veterans with jobs, and it provides families with high-quality, trusted childcare. Of course, as with anything, it all comes down to the individuals and the fit with a particular family, but this certainly would be a pretty prime pool in which to start your childcare search.

Would you hire an ex-Navy Seal or other military veteran as your nanny?


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Coles... Coles_mom

That would not be a goal of mine- to have someone trained to kill watching my children?!? I'm a veteran myself and worked in the biggest military hospital in the world...seeing a lot of those people coming back from combat...I wouldn't want them in the same town as my kids let alone in the same house.

kelti... kelticmom

I don't know about this, my brother is an Iraq vet, and he had been home for just a few months when one of my nephews popped a balloon behind him and he went berserk. It was a fight or flight reaction. I think this might be a recipe for disaster.

douxm... douxmusique

Terrible Terrible idea....

nonmember avatar nikolivolkov

I think this is a great idea. Veterans are trained to protect and serve. They are vigilant in all situations and have hard work ethics. The culture of fear of our heroes in this country which is evident in previous comments is truly bizarre. My husband served two tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq during his time with the Marines and if he is any indication of the caliber of veterans they would be placing as nannies then we should all be so lucky to have this kind of help. I would hire one in a heartbeat if I had the money to do so.

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

There is so much more to being a nanny than protecting a child. BTW, most nannies would NEVER harm a child and as a former nanny I cried my eyes out for that family.

Chances are these people are not trained in early childhood education and would not be prepared to ready a child for the rest of their lives.

You make the mistake many people make. A nanny isn't a baby sitter, they don't just watch a child they educate a child.

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