Store Clerk Arrested for Spanking Customer's Misbehaving Boy -- 25 Times With a Belt (VIDEO)

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Hey, you know those kids who run around the store, wreaking havoc? Wouldn't you just like to smack them sometimes? Well, most of us think about it -- but a Dollar Store clerk in Georgia actually did it. And now, as you can imagine, she's in trouble. The clerk reportedly got fed up with the 8-year-old boy, who was tearing up her store, so she called him a "demon." The boy admits he then said, "You want to see bad? I'll show you bad," and threw a cookie at her. But this was the wrong store clerk to throw a cookie at.

According to the boy, the female clerk then grabbed a belt and smacked him 25 times across the backside. Reportedly, surveillance tape captured the incident, but the tape hasn't been released.

In an interview, the boy, Logan Ivey, said, "It was really, really painful. Nobody should have that kind of torture. It hurt." He also calls it "heartbreaking," and seems mostly concerned that this happened two days before his birthday

The store clerk was arrested. Now, I'm certainly not saying anyone has the right to hit another person's child. But we do talk a lot about how it "takes a village" to raise a child -- and one villager took it too far. Hitting a kid with a belt 25 times -- if indeed that's what happened -- is flat-out wrong, and not at all the right of the clerk or of anyone else. Not even the parent if you ask me. Twenty-five times is excessive. (I wonder if the boy had marks? He doesn't mention that in the interview.)

I also find it odd that both parents were reportedly in the store with the boy at the time of the incident -- yet say they didn't witness it. Which means the kid was left to run around with anyone looking after him for quite awhile.

But a lot of people are leaving the disciplining of their kids up to strangers. Because they don't do it themselves. If you're not going to teach your kid how to behave in public, and then you're going to send them out into public, you can't be entirely surprised when the public doesn't respond favorably.

Yesterday, on a day when I was trying to get some work done, a parent sent four kids out into the alleyway beneath my window to play. Mind you, it's not a yard. There, they screamed at the top of their lungs for a good hour before I opened my window and asked them to keep it down. They looked at me like I had two heads. Probably went home and complained about the "meanie" neighbor.

Parents, discipline your kids. Before someone else does.

What would you do if a stranger disciplined your child?


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Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

What a little shit. It may have been a but severe but 8 years old and tearing up the store? The parents are obviously idiots too if they weren't even watching there child. No wonder he's so bad.

purpl... purpleflower514

If a stranger did that to my child I would call the police. If she had done that to an adult acting that way it would have been assult, that doesn't change just because it was a child.

On the other hand it sounds like that kid got what he deserved.

Blaze Hazen

Sounds to me like she should have spanked the parents for doing a craptastic job of raising their child!!

mommy... mommytojack0524

The clerk should have told the parents that they needed to leave the store before it got to this point.

Fondue Fondue

Even though I think her reaction was a little excessive, that store clerk is my hero! 

 There are so many times I see unsupervised little shits running around a store, running into people's carts or damn near tripping somebody who thinks the path is clear before the little demon-child comes running out of nowhere.  Somebody needs to teach children that games of tag should be relegated to the playground and not the grocery store, and if their parents aren't going to do it, then somebody else should step in and teach these children what is and is not acceptable behavior in public.

MaryC... MaryCimino

I used to manage a fast food restaurant. I was known for kicking out brats, the rules were simple, if your kid was being a demon then you weren't allowed in until the kid learned some manners. Yes I lost a few customers over this policy but I gained ten times that from people who wanted a nice quiet time eating. I didn't kick someone out because they had a fussy baby mind you, now if you kid was squirting ketchup all over the windows then yes you had to leave. We keep giving our kids rights but yet we don't give them responsibility. People are amazed how well-behaved mine are, I always told them that if they acted up they would be in a world of pain. Never had to do it but it's working so far.

And yes I have been tempted many times to do this, you'll be amazed how many parents let their kid run free in Wal-Mart or where ever and let them ruin the place. I had one set of parents mad because I made them pay for the broken door after their 11 year old kid kicked it because he couldn't get a kid's meal.

nonmember avatar mmm

That little kid called it "heartbreaking"? Please. Sometimes putting words in his mouth.

abra819 abra819

I am actually againts spanking, but this little shit deserved this.

lulou lulou

This story is very strange, that the parents didnt see it for one.  But secondly that they didnt hear it? My kids would be wailing if someone was striking them.   Also - totally judemental here - but the photo of the kid, on the right it looks like a normal family house, but the left looks like a party house.   I tried to watch the video but couldnt to do more of my party house theory investigation.

mande... manderspanders

I feel no sympathy for the boy... He had it coming sooner or later.  The parents ought to be ashamed.

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