5th-Grade Class Makes Snow Angels Beneath Cancer-Stricken Classmate's Hospital Window

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snow angelFor the past couple of months, LesLee Hacker has been living a nightmare -- every mother's worst nightmare. Seemingly overnight, her beautiful 10-year-old daughter Lauren (also known as "Lolo") went from being a normal fifth grader at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Omaha to being a very, very sick patient at Children's Hospital & Medical Center. LesLee thought her daughter had the flu. High fever, lethargy -- I would have thought the same thing. So I can't imagine how she felt when Lauren was diagnosed with acute myelocytic leukemia, a very fast-growing form of cancer. Watching her daily reality change from one of homework and recess to one of chemotherapy treatments and bone marrow extractions and spinal taps.

But according to LesLee, the hardest part of the whole ordeal for Lauren has been the loneliness. Because of the high risk of infection, Lauren hasn't been allowed many visitors -- just the occasional Skype session with her classmates. Until last week.

Last week, the students at St. Margaret Mary's were thrilled when they woke up to an unexpected snow day. But Lauren's classmates didn't spend their day off throwing snowballs at each other or going sledding -- instead, they found a patch of snow at Children's Hospital in view of the sixth floor windows (Lauren's floor), flopped down, and made snow angels for their ailing friend. They used blue water to paint the words "Lolo's Angels" in the snow. They waved signs reading "Go, Lauren!" and "Lolo, go!"

And Lauren, looking down from a sixth floor window, laughed. For the first time in a long time.

As a mom, when I think of how much this gesture must have meant to LesLee, I want to burst out crying. There's no question that these kids were snow "angels" to Lauren and her family -- and to everyone who hears this story.

What's the kindest thing you've ever heard of someone doing for a sick kid?

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twili... twilightsbella

That is such a beautiful thing to do for her. This girl and her family will be in my prayers. When my son was 10months old he got sick i took him to the dr and they admited him to the childrens hospital in san francisco it was the hardest week of my life they thought he had leukemia. They did a bone marrow biospy it came bk to be ITP its where his platelets were very low that one tiny bump on his head could of made him bleed to death thankgod hes better now he will be 3 this july. So knwing ur kid might have this is so hard i wish i could do something to help this kids who have leukema :'(

LostS... LostSoul88

aww, this made me cry! What wonderful childrens to do this for their friend. I hope LoLo pulls trough all of this. 

kelly... kelly24019

Thank you for having the ONLY meaningful article on this website. It's nice to see something real as opposed to celebrities said this or did that.

Thank you

hexxuss hexxuss

Will keep her family & her in my prayers.  Bless those kids - I think I'm done reading stories now - this is undoubtedly the high note.

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