Moms Should Let Kids Skip School to Have Fun

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boy in airportAfter hearing about moms who are debating over whether or not kids should be kept out of school for "fun stuff," I sat here scratching my head a little bit.

Because honestly, I didn't even realize there were that many parents out there who don't pull their kids out of school at one point or another for some reason other than them being sick, having a doctor's appointment, etc.

Yes, I know school is important and the teachers and other staff need to encourage good attendance and all that jazz, but come on -- is there really that much harm in a parent taking a kid out of school to do some sort of fun family activity for one day or even a week out of the year?

Personally, I don't think so.

Back in 2011, my husband and I let our son skip a few days of kindergarten so we could take our first family trip to Disney World. We went at the beginning of December instead of going during his scheduled school vacation because the fares were lower, the weather was cooler, and the parks weren't nearly as crowded as they are at other times of the year.

We had a marvelous time, and you know what? Our little guy didn't miss a darn thing while we were away. Granted, he was only in kindergarten at the time, but even so, it wasn't like he fell behind in class or had a bunch of work to make up as a result of being out. The trip was rejuvenating for all three of us, and thankfully, no one at his school gave us any grief about it.

This school year, however, the poor kid has been hit with one illness after the other, so he's already had more than his fair share of excused absences for us to even consider pulling him out for an unexcused reason.

But barring any unforeseen circumstances when he starts second grade next fall, we are planning on letting him miss school for a week so we can do another family trip before the holidays. And I won't have the slightest ounce of hesitation when I call the school to inform them that my son will be out of class for several days simply because we're off enjoying a little bit of much needed family time and fun in the sun. Heck, even if they do give me a hard time, it'll be worth it.

Do you ever pull your kids out of school for "fun" reasons?


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momof... momof1teengirl

Up until high school, yes.  Once in high school, no.  Too much work to make up, even if they miss only one day.  Just isn't worth it.


nonmember avatar tammy

As your son is only in 2nd grade that doesn't sound to awful. However, once your child moves up in grades, missing that much school will become a hardship on him and his teachers. I wouldn't recommend it. I have always allowed my children 1 free day - their birthday - they can take it off the day of or pick another day sometime during that calendar year. Funny thing is, they loved school and rarely ever asked to use that free pass. Both are away at college and doing very well.

Mary Grace Close

I totally agree with you! My parents did this when I was young and I simply took my school work with me! When I got older, they were very understanding about "skipping school" and there were a few times mom even came and signed me out so I could go do something fun with friends. This didn't teach me that it's ok to skip school, instead it did take the excitement away from it and completely demolished the rebellion factor. When other kids talked about "skipping school" I didn't really get what the big deal was! And I personally think it's more important in high school, for this exact reason. xoxo

kelti... kelticmom

My mom would show up at school once in a while and check me out at 11 or so. Then we would go to McDonald's for lunch and play at the park all afternoon. Being the youngest of 5 kids, this was most often the only alone time I got with her. Unfortunately in my state now, your child can only have 10 absences in a school year and then they turn you over to the prosecuting attorney. Excused absences require doctor's note. So if your kid is too sick for school, but you don't think they are sick enough for the doctor (migraine, diarrhea, etc), not to mention the co-pay/ are just s.o.l.

ceciliam ceciliam

I don't and I know I'm the minority but I don't care. I just think, it doesn't teach a good sense of responsibility. If I want to plan fun activities, then I do it during the scheduled school breaks.

momma... mommabearof003

I compare school to a career my oldest daughter is in the 3rd grade ahe has not  missed any school sense she was in first grade and that was only 1 day.  Would you skip work for a day or a week to have fun? probably not. So with them sucking it up and dealing with it my daughter has had a stuffy nose all week but no other symtoms. She went to school all week. Most likely if this was your career or job you most likely would have gone to work. By having good attendance in school teaches them for the work force in the future and being responsible. There are plenty of vacations to go and have family fun but skipping school just to have fun doesnt teach responsibility.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

No. My hubby's Dad remarried and had another child who is 15 years younger than my hubby. That child has been pulled out of school several times a year for 1-3 week vacations-totaling 4-6 weeks a year! He is now 13 and they are still doing it-it drives me crazy! He is farther behind socially, still reads and SPEAKS like a 7 year old and has a hard time keeping up in school. He is very spoiled and his parents are teaching him that school doesn't matter- they are blind to the fact that them pulling him out of school so much is already affecting him academically!

BeckyP. BeckyP.

My mother did this with me when I was younger. She would plan a day to keep me home and do fun things. I looked forward to those even though they weren't that often (maybe 1 or 2 per school year). We did it even when I was high school and I was an "A" student and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I don't think its hurts at all to do this. Its special time together that your kids will always remember. I'm 33 and I still do.

nonmember avatar leslie

Absolutely not. There is nothing valuable for them to gain from skipping school for fun. Sure, quality family time and bonding but Id rather my kids knew discipline and responsibility. That way as adults they are not tempted not to go to work because they don't feel like it, they'll understand its not an option. As a manager of a retail store, I find the younger kids, particularly those who had easy going "fun" parents are more likely to complain about working weekends, super bowl Sunday, Xmas eve, Etc. They call in "sick" more often and ask for days off more so no, that's not what I want to teach my children

Sarah Todrick

As a teacher, I see both sides of this. We have some kids that barely bother to show up for school, do no work when they are here, and then wonder why they're failing. (This is middle school, by the way.) On the other end of the spectrum, do I mind my super-concientious, hard-wroking students who have good grades taking a day off now and then? Absolutely not--- with the understanding that it's their responsibility to make up any and all work they miss or face the consequences.  When I was in school, my mom would occasionally pull me out for an afternoon to spend sone one-on-one time, and I graduated with AP credits, a 3.75 gpa, the whole rigamarole. It just depends so much on the family.

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