Moms Should Let Kids Skip School to Have Fun

boy in airportAfter hearing about moms who are debating over whether or not kids should be kept out of school for "fun stuff," I sat here scratching my head a little bit.

Because honestly, I didn't even realize there were that many parents out there who don't pull their kids out of school at one point or another for some reason other than them being sick, having a doctor's appointment, etc.

Yes, I know school is important and the teachers and other staff need to encourage good attendance and all that jazz, but come on -- is there really that much harm in a parent taking a kid out of school to do some sort of fun family activity for one day or even a week out of the year?

Personally, I don't think so.


Back in 2011, my husband and I let our son skip a few days of kindergarten so we could take our first family trip to Disney World. We went at the beginning of December instead of going during his scheduled school vacation because the fares were lower, the weather was cooler, and the parks weren't nearly as crowded as they are at other times of the year.

We had a marvelous time, and you know what? Our little guy didn't miss a darn thing while we were away. Granted, he was only in kindergarten at the time, but even so, it wasn't like he fell behind in class or had a bunch of work to make up as a result of being out. The trip was rejuvenating for all three of us, and thankfully, no one at his school gave us any grief about it.

This school year, however, the poor kid has been hit with one illness after the other, so he's already had more than his fair share of excused absences for us to even consider pulling him out for an unexcused reason.

But barring any unforeseen circumstances when he starts second grade next fall, we are planning on letting him miss school for a week so we can do another family trip before the holidays. And I won't have the slightest ounce of hesitation when I call the school to inform them that my son will be out of class for several days simply because we're off enjoying a little bit of much needed family time and fun in the sun. Heck, even if they do give me a hard time, it'll be worth it.

Do you ever pull your kids out of school for "fun" reasons?


Image via Mary Fischer

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