10 Commandments of Motherhood

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little girlI'm probably the last mom you would expect to hear quoting the 10 Commandments. I gave up on organized religion a long time ago. And yet, there's some pretty solid advice in there for kids. No one wants to raise the kid who kills or steals, right?

We've modified it a bit for our family to cut out the overtly religious mentions, but my kid knows there are some hard and fast rules you just don't break in life. It's got me wondering: what if there was a 10 Commandments for moms? Rules that have nothing to do with religion but rules we just don't break? What would that look like?

I sat down and thought about it, and here's what I came up with. Here are my Ten Commandments as a mom, the things I need to remember to do (or not do) if I want to raise a good kid:

Thou Shalt:

Give in and read another chapter at bed time once in awhile, even when you're bone tired.

Apologize when you're wrong.

Let them eat candy for dinner at least once a year.

Take them outside long after they should be in bed so you can watch the stars together.

Help when they ask for it nicely (but feel free to ignore them when they whine incessantly). 

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Thou Shalt Not:

Forget to pack your kid's lunch on field trip day.

Say no to another kiss and another hug at bedtime.

Eat the last cookie.

Be too honest about what you're thinking. 

Forget what it was like to be a kid.

What's on your list of mom commandments?


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expat... expatalfa

Thou shalt turn off the computer. Thou shalt turn off all screens in the house (and before you scream hypocrisy, my kids are not at home right now!)

names... namestaken

Thou shalt listen to what her best friend said, what that boy did, what she saw today etc even if it feels like the 10,000th time you've heard the same story. And you will act appropriatly appalled, excited, disappointed.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Thou shalt not flog thyself for not keeping up with that mom over there, whether she's a SAHM, and you're a WorkForEveryDamnCent, or she's a world-traveling working mom, and you're a home-schooling, couponing nester. Thou shalt do the best thy can, and love thy child - and LAUGH with thy child - through every minute.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Agree with every comment above and the original blog. This is a Stir first!

singl... singlemama74

Tell him/her how much you love them every day and remind them why they are so awesome!

Devil... DevilInPigtails

Thou shall shut up and listen to them.

Thou shall ignore them to give them room to learn to do themselves.  

Be their cheer leader.

Tell them you love them even when duct tape and locked doors are starting to sound good(but never do)

Christina Durgin

To fulfil God's commandments daily in one's deeds.
To love Chastity.
To hate no man.
Not to be jelous.
Not to give way to envy.
Not to love contention.
To shun vainglory.
To reverence the old.
To love the young.
To pray for one's enemies...

6unde... 6under1roof

Candy for dinner? Ummm... no.

Everything else, OK. Just can't see the point in that one.

Mommy... Mommytolas

No candy for dinner and well in this house there is a point when we have to say no more hugs go to bed or we would never sleep! I'd add thou shall fall asleep holding a sweet smelling new born every night before they miss the chance thou shall not feel guilty about giving same baby some Tylenol after two straight weeks of teething and many back achin nights in the rocking so as to have an hour in the bath.

Heather Phillips Paul

Thou shalt trust thine instincts, you know better than anyone Thou shall NOT try to "out do or be like" any other mom, you and your child are unique Thou shall NOT forget that growing up is WORK! Thou shall respect your child just like you want your child to respect you and the best...DEFINITELY let them eat candy for dinner once in awhile, they are only a child once, let them be children!

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