5 Ways Video Gaming Can Make Your Kid a Better Student

video gamesIt's clear why kids enjoy video games so much. The bottom line, they are super fun. But there is so much more to the experience than cool graphics. They can be beneficial in so many ways. In fact, gaming can actually help make your kids better students in school. Here's how.

  1. Problem-solving skills. More complex games require a lot of thought to get from one level to the next. Kids have to think through each step and come up with solutions to the things holding them back in order to advance. 
  2. Teamwork. Games that require multiple players to work together toward a single objective are great at teaching kids to be a team player and an effective member of a group.
  3. Expand their interests. Games can introduce kids to all kinds of fascinating places and historical events. It's an exciting way for them to explore the world beyond their town.
  4. Making friends. With so many children into gaming these days, it provides a great conversation starter for even the shyest of children. Plus, gaming playdates are a great way for kids to bond. And we all know that kids with positive connections to their peers enjoy school more.
  5. Leadership. When playing with other children, it is a wonderful opportunity for your child to lead and even teach others how to improve their game. That is a skill that will serve him well throughout school and life.

What other ways can video games help our kids?

Image via chelseacharliwhite/Flickr

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