6 Best Babywearing & Breastfeeding Dolls for Kids of Crunchy Mamas

babywearing parents dollsDo you ever get depressed when you're toy shopping for the kids? Between the way genders are so split and the inanity of some of the toys on the shelves out there, sometimes buying for a birthday party makes you feel like you're having your soul sucked out.

So how about something new, something different and really pretty positive? I'm talking about babywearing dolls. Breastfeeding dolls! The kind of toys that an attachment parent would be proud to purchase!

No, you won't find them on the shelves of your big box store. You might not even find them at your local toy store (where we used to go to find stuff from toy designers who decided to go a little out of the box with their designs but lately ... sigh). But we have got them right here!


We've poked around and found six adorable dolls that emphasize everything that so-called "crunchy" mamas hold dear. Because while we do a lot simply by modeling our activities for our kids, they also tend to learn through play.

So here they are, some of our favorites. Which ones would you buy for your kids? 


Image via EarthSlings

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