2013: The Year of the Teenager and More! (PHOTO)

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Exciting things happening in our house in 2013!

This year has already kept me way too busy! It may seem impossible to be somewhat overwhelmed so early on, but I admit it, I am. Fortunately, I like it that way. My saying is "to be busy is always better than to be bored." And I'm anything but bored so far in 2013!

As a general rule, I don't bother with New Year's resolutions. Who has the time? And to me, they feel like yet another thing on my never-ending "to-do list." Who needs that??? I do always face each new year with a fresh smile and renewed determination though ...

All too quickly that feeling is eclipsed by the sudden onset of dread ...

Since my birthday falls early in the year, my first thought is ALWAYS, "Oh no, this year I turn [insert my new age], am I still considered young?" Panic will definitely ensue this year when I turn 38 in March. That's just way too close to the big 4-0!

I'm crossing my fingers that my kids will continue to keep me young. That's what they say about kids anyway. But somehow I feel like mine are making me old! The speed at which I must move to keep our world turning makes me feel like I'm 80 years old by the end of the day! Having eight kids is sort of like having an eight-car freight train speeding past me daily. I gotta keep up and most days -- it's all I can do!

So this year I turn 38. Okay, gotta accept it, right? What else can I do? Once I accept it, I can move on and refocus on the new year with thoughts of everything that I hope to make happen this year in all categories of life -- home, family, work, and fun!

This year is going to be full of adventures for me and my eight. For starters, I'm blogging here at The Stir every week! I was asked to join the many talented writers here and I feel honored that my stressful, funny, crazy, and sometimes unbelievable life experiences as a single mom of eight will be documented right here!

Beyond this blogging opportunity, I have some other exciting projects in the works that I can't quite discuss as of yet. I am not teasing you on purpose, I'll divulge just as soon as I can!

And putting my career work aside, the new year has been whipping my butt on the home front: following a busy Christmas, a week-long family trip, and then a three-week-long home maintenance marathon led by a close family friend who is a jack of all trades and master of ALL (in which I wielded a hammer and other such tools -- learning details of plumbing, building, and repairing from a master), I am still trying to get organized and settled into 2013!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that 2013 has been officially titled "The Year of the Teenager(s)" for me! Yes, I have two girls turning 13 this year. Help! This is going to be one heck of a ride ...

More details to come on all of the above topics ... For today, I just wanted to say hello and that I'm really happy to be here!

Has 2013 overwhelmed you already too?

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nonmember avatar Bad move

This will be deleted: Freedom of opinion dammed. Guess nobody here paid attention to why Kate was fired from Coupon Cabin? As your site says: the Stir, I will now Stir away from you, for bringing Kate here, she will do exactly what she did at Coupon Cabin.

nonmember avatar Jane Public

Yep they sure are deleting comments, anything negative gets the ax. What a crock of crap. I'm sure my comment won't see the light of day either.

nonmember avatar Delta

I am just wondering about the all the hype on Kate being a child abuser. I know a book is written about all the abuse her kids and the dogs suffered has been documented. Apparently these are her own words taken from a journal. If these accusations are not true why has Kate not denyed them? Kate has had the book stopped from further publication, if this is not considered guilt than what is? You can read some of the accusations at GOSSELIN BOOK on the Robert Hoffman (The Author) blog site. I am no longer a Kate Gosselin fan & I will no longer be reading on this blog site.

alika... alikay1986

Dear cafemom, 

If this woman continues to be a contributes I will no longer visit your site.


Doesn't want to hear one word of advice from Kate Gosselin!

nonmember avatar no Kate!

Pitiful bad blogger, narcissitic, child abuser, grifter. Fired from her last blog job. Are you at STIR hard up? But I see what other celebs you focus on so I should have expected it.

nonmember avatar DebbieDowner4

Christ Almighty, Kate. Will you just GO AWAY already? No tv network wants you, COOpon Cabin gave you the axe, and you have made a complete embarrassment of yourself begging for free gifts from every company you can con. Now you have a new "job" as a blogger. Why not just like like the rest of us mediocre people and get a real job?!

Think... ThinkSnow

Hope she does well and finds someting to write about besides herself and protects the privacy of her children. They were subjected to public disclosure enough in their young lives.

Bruic... Bruickson

Welcome to the stir Kate!

nonmember avatar carol

This is the first time I visited your site thanks to the link left by the Kate haters on her twitter timeline. I will look forward to following Kate on here and sincerely hope you will not let her rabid haters and twitter stalkers take this blog over. I admire the way Kate keeps going despite the constant on-line bullying.I will follow her weekly blogs.

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