Waiter Refuses to Serve Jerk Who Insulted 5-Year-Old With Down Syndrome (VIDEO)

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Milo Castillo
They say the customer is always right, but when one is making fun of a boy with special needs, there's no denying it's wrong. Texas waiter Michael Garcia wasn't about to stand by and let it happen without repercussion either, and what he did was admirable to say the least.

According to KTRK it happened at Houston restaurant Laurenzo's. Kim Castillo was dining there last week with her family, which includes their 5-year-old son, Milo, who has Down syndrome. When a group seated at a table near them got up and moved, Kim said she wondered if it was because of them, but wasn't sure. She told FoxNews.com: "Milo wasn't being bad, he was just talking and making little noises."

Garcia was sure, however, because he overheard the man make a horrible remark to this family while they moved.

He said: "Special needs children need to be special somewhere else."

I know. I can't think of a better word than vile to describe someone like that, and Garcia wasn't about to the let the man get away with it. Even though he was a long-time, regular customer, he flat-out refused to serve him.

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Garcia told the station: "It was very disturbing. My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, 'I'm sorry, I can't serve you.' It upset me because he's a 5-year-old little boy. He's an angel. He's precious!"

Good for him. The challenges families with special needs children face are plentiful enough. Everyday things that we take for granted can be full of issues and anxiety for them. Good times, too, of course, but I think they all deserve support from society, not mockery and disdain. And if you can't even be bothered to sit by someone with special needs in a restaurant, well, then being refused service in a restaurant is the least of what you deserve.

Fortunately there are people like Garcia who restore our faith in humanity. If only everyone was as brave and kind as him, maybe the ignorant assholes of the world would learn to keep their mouths shut.

Garcia and the restaurant have been lauded since the incident, as well they should. But the waiter says what this story is really about shouldn't be lost: "It is about Milo, it is about educating ourselves and when people are different, why should you treat them any different? It's fear of the unknown."

How would you react if you heard someone say something like this?


Image via KTRK-TV

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Irela... Ireland69

People are so cruel! how would they like it if it was they son and someone made a comment like that.  He parents have been blessed to have an angel by their side.  God bless them!

SaphireH SaphireH

There was absolutely no need for that comment im glad the waiter did refuse to serve them

BPayne09 BPayne09

Good for him!

jalaz77 jalaz77

That is so kind of him. Way to stick up for that kid and his family. That man who insulted that kid is a bully, this is how it starts and I fear for any kids he raises. That server is a very special person.

Vegeta Vegeta

If the guy said it to the little kid or loud enough for the family to hear, then I would agree. But he didn't. and it wasn't an exceptionally awful comment, distasteful yes, but he has free speech and it could have been much more vile. I wasn't there, so how can we know the little boy wasn't being disruptive (what parent today would admit their child was being disruptive). Some people don't want to be disrupted while eating, that's his right and he moved seats and didn't say anything vulgar TO the family. He should have still been served.

Krista Milburn

It's understanding to want to move if there is a noisy kid at the table next to yours, or a kid who keeps trying to mess with you while you are eating, but all kids do stuff like that. There's no need to be hateful and make cruel remarks about an innocent little boy who did nothing wrong. If you want to move to a new table, fine, but have some damn manners!!! "Assholes need to be assholes somewhere else" :-p

AnikaT AnikaT

I agree that guy is a scumbag for saying that, but there are people like that all over. We were in a restaurant where an older couple at the table in the corner thought our children were being so good that they bought them desert!!! Boy were we proud parents!

Then arrived the couple on the other side of us. The gentleman looked at our kids, smiled at them and sat down. The female dog looked at our kids, gave them a look of disgust and went back to the maitre de and asked for another table.  They moved into anther room completely.

Tonya Sharpsteen Boyd

Vegeta, you make me sick with your comment...you obviously don't know what it is like to have a child with special needs and are no better than the man who started this mess in the first place. Why would you think that just because this man has freedom of speech that it makes it o.k to say something so cruel about a child with special needs? If he wanted to get up and move that is one thing, but to say such hateful things is another. You should be ashamed of yourself and I pray to god that you never cross paths with a child with special needs; or any child for that manner. I will be praying for you...

kelti... kelticmom

Vegeta, yes the man and everyone else has freedom of speech, but that does not mean that you have freedom of repercussions of said free speech. You have the freedom to call me a bitch, or call my child a foul name, but that will not save you from the repercussion of my fist meeting your face. That man and his family suffered the consequences of his "free speech", and they had to deal with it. Good for that waiter!

Tiffany Havner Wynne

This is an awesome story. I have a special needs child at home and although he is still too young to pay attention to what people say about him, I know the day will come when I have to teach him to ignore the ignorant people out there that will say mean and hurtful things with no reguard for the poor child they are talking about. It's not right and that man deserves much worse than not being served. I send my applause to the waiter and say thank you for doing the right thing.

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