10 Reasons I Wish All the Kids Would Play at YOUR House Instead of Mine

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Growing up, I spent a good deal of time at other people's homes. My house was never the one where everyone congregated, and I vowed things would be different when I had a house of my own. I wanted my house to be the place that offered the best snacks and the cozy home away from home where everyone wanted to be. Snort.

As a grown up, I've seen the light. Being the go-to house isn't all it's cracked up to be and I am more than happy to send my kids elsewhere for hours at a time.

Why?  If you're always the host of little kids coming and going from your house as they please ... 

1. You constantly get stuck feeding dinner to faces not belonging to you. 
2. Your carpets are constantly covered in muddy foot prints. 
3. Your playroom always looks like a bomb went off in it. 
4. Your front door never never fully shuts and your heating bill skyrockets. 
5. It is impossible to successfully keep snacks stocked in the pantry. 
6. You get suckered into impromptu sleepovers
7. You never get to choose what to watch on your own television. 
8. You have to hear yourself saying things like "You can do what you want at your house, but this is our house."
9. Your yard is constantly littered in balls of every shape and size, hula hoops and baseball bats. 
10. You get to know a whole different side of your kids. (Ok, so maybe it's not all that bad.) 

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Michele L James

My house is the house that all the kids come to and I don't have those problems. Get them in the habit of wiping their feet when they come in. Let them get to the play room then call them back to shut the door and they will make sure it is closed from then on. Any kids who have been over more than once can help with prepping meals and snacks, and they can help with clean up, too. The lazy ones with bad attitude weed themselves out and you suddenly don't mind who's over for dinner.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

My mom never wanted my friends over - it sucked and it caused my friends to think my mom was a bitch.  Which isn't a good feeling and never really helped the fact that, as I was a teenage girl, my mother and I already had a tumultuous relationship.  I now have a daughter and would like to foster a great relationship with her.  Her friends will always be welcome at my house.

nonmember avatar Samantha

My daughter is 2 and we run an in home daycare, so her "friends" are always here. I wont lie, in my personal time i dont want to deal with other peoples kids. When we stop doing this, idk how i will feel, but im sure a friend or 2 wouldnt bother me.. On the weekends. Our evenings are a specific routine, and guests make it hard to keep up with that. There will be homework, chores, baths, family dinners.. I think the week nights should be a family only time.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I run a tight ship, and my daughters or even my own social life can wait until the time is appropriate.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Oh, wow! That sounds like choas. The rule at my house has always been:

The toys that you don't want them to touch go in your room. Shoes off in the house. You can't come in and out. EVERYONE must help clean up. And go home before sundown. 

nonmember avatar Gretta

I figure my kids will be little for just a short time. Once they are grown my husband and I will have plenty of time for a perfect, clean.... lonely?..... house. .

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha. I make ALL kids take their shoes off in my house. There are a couple girls (sisters) who like to come play at our house and I about went ape shit when they slammed our doors for the 3rd time. The first 2 times I was calm and let all the kids, including my own that doors are not to be slammed but that last one did me in. I said OUTSIDE NOW!!! I was done. We have very heavy nice doors and my own kids don't even slam them. I will be honest I have a few times to make a point to my hubby that I am mad but feel dumb in the long run : ) as long as kids pick up after themselves we never have problems, really. Have a very good group of kids in our neighborhood, respectful, their parents are too so that probably helps.

nonmember avatar melissa

My parents where never super welcoming to people they don't know and it made me resent them. I started to never bring anyone over or introduce them to my friends except the few that knew my parents well. Needless to say if your going to act like that then your going to push your kid away. When you push your kid away its hard to guide them in the right direction. Then I just hung out with an older crowd and partied my ass off.

You better believe I will not make that mistake with my daughter!!!!!

They where so rude and cold sometimes. I don't think they realized what that really did to the situation. Even to this day I don't tell them things. I was never sure how they would act. More towards guys they would act leery and cautious which was obvious & uncomfortable. I did not put anyone else through that until I grew up lol.

I will feel much safer knowing who my kid is hanging out with and where her life is headed.

tbruc... tbrucemom

The author is not thinking past young childhood.  Believe me when her children become teenagers she would be thankful to have them at her house so she knows that they are safe and aren't doing anything stupid. I would much rather set boundaries and clean up than worry about my child in another home with unlocked guns (I'm pro-2nd amendment but not everyone is as responsible with their guns as I am), people I don't know that could be drunks, drug abusers, or worse.

nonmember avatar BonnyBard

I usually love Jill's lists but I don't agree with this one. Although, usually what she writes should be taken with a grain of irony so...
Anyway, my kids are still little, and I'm a bit of a control and neat freak so having a house full of kids is not my favorite thing in the world, but I'd rather deal with some mess and have my kids at home. I want to know their friends, I want our home to be a welcoming place, I would like for them to want to hang out at our house with their friends. I don't know if I'll really be able to deal with the mess, but I'll try my best.

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