First Graders Suspended for Playing Cops & Robbers

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playgroundYou know, I'm really getting tired of kids being punished for being normal kids. But here we go again. First graders at a Maryland elementary school have been suspended for having the audacity to play a good old-fashioned game of cops and robbers.

OMG. Don the Kevlar! Call out the National Guard! Six-year-olds are playing games on the playground!

After a 6-year-old was suspended -- in Maryland as well -- for pointing his fingers at his classmate and saying "Pow," this latest punishment that doesn't fit the crime hardly surprises me. Heck, we have kids being dubbed sexual deviants at 5 for hugging pals in kindergarten. NOTHING surprises me.

But it does depress me. These blatant over-reactions are slowly destroying childhood as we know it and turning kids into something ... jaded? Old? 

We're expecting kids to face issues that are far above their level of cognition. We're aging them.

Kids shouldn't know about school shootings and mass murders. They shouldn't know that a game of cops and robbers could upset some adults who see shades of darkness where they see only some innocent horseplay.

I can only wonder what is next if we keep pushing kids to explore topics they're not yet ready to deal with. Is cops and robbers going to be replaced by a game of drug dealers and addicts? Or maybe pimps and prostitutes? After all ... we're expecting kids to tackle more and more adult themes, but they are still just kids, kids who engage one another in play. Turning something into a game is in their nature.

I need no more proof of that than to look to these little boys playing cops and robbers. One of the boys' father is an Army staff sergeant who pointed out that his boy is well aware that his dad uses firearms in defense of this nation. He's a kid being brought up to respect guns ... but he's still just a kid who was playing a game.

Do we really want to take that away from our kids?

Is cops and robbers on the playground really something to be upset over?


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Cassandra Huber

And this is why my son will be homeschooled. Schools are not what they used to be.

Mari Larson

Ah yes, the overzealous idiot who strikes fear into the hearts of parents and shames the child. My son once poked a girl on her tush when she bent over in front of him because her ruffled panties were showing and he thought they were funny. My husband and I were called in by the "professional caregiver" and told that he was going to develop into a serial killer. He was 3 and a half. One thing that we are all forgetting is that "play" is how kids learn. Girls naturally play with dolls to prepare them for motherhood. It is their chance to learn without consequences. Us stepping in and telling them that what they are doing is wrong is not only confusing them, but completely disrupting the natural flow of learning that every child of every species goes through.

nonmember avatar Darlene

They really need to stop over reacting cause at the end of the day its just a kids game they only know that they are playing and having fun being the kids that they are there is nothing wrong wit 6 year old kids playing an game that we all have played when we where growning up

Wendy A Baker Weekly

what next are they going to ban the movie kindergarten cop they play cops and robbers in school on the playground

Charl... Charliebaby79

My son was suspended in kindergarten for playing House and wanted to be the "mommy." My son was simply emulating what he saw at home: Mom cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry and beating the family drum. The school decided he was acting out by usurping "unconventional roles," and suspended him for a day. Yeah, I found another school for him.

When I was growing up, my father was a contractor; sometimes he demolished old buildings. He would bring home the broken bricks and I would play a game called Brick Factory, where I reduced the bricks to dust. Does that mean I'm going to become a vandal and destroy buildings?

We used to play House and the one playing the Mom would fuss at and even spank the "children." My aunt was put off by it, but my mother told her not to worry about it, that what we were doing was all we knew and it was normal to us. Even the boys played the mom sometimes and we girls would play the daddy. It was just all in good fun.

Cops and robbers is a game children have played since the days of Christ. For teachers and administrators to freak out about some supposed message the children are unaware of is ridiculous. It's bad enough they've taken away so much from children, but life has threatened the boundaries of innocence for our children. Children don't have the same thought process as adults, so we have to stop projecting our insecurities onto them. Let children be children; they will have the rest of their lives to be adults.

nonmember avatar angie may

They take another innocent childhood game and turn it into something "against the rules" and then wonder why kids cant seem to just "play ouside and use their imaginations" or "why kids now days dont interact with one another like we did and end up playing video or computer games or watching tv alone". We should not have to be afraid to teach our children things we did growing up because they might get suspended from school or offend someone! I was in my daughters k4 class an we were supposed to sit on the rug in a circle so I told my daughter sit "indian style" (which is what we were told growing up in school) well a was immediately told I could not say that I had to say "criss cross apple sauce"

nonmember avatar Ashley Pollock

This saddens me as well. Society is becoming overly sensitive to the smallest things. But i do disagree with you about preventing them from knowing about school shootings. I dont believe sheltering your child from every bad thing is ok. Maybe its how i was raised i was 10 when columbine happened and 12 when 9/11 happened i am a normal human being

Haley Wise

Children, especially the very young, are completel;y innocent in the games they play. YES there has been tragedies that have happened, but what does a 1st grader know of this. NOTHING. You idiotic people have punished them for playing a game that is normal for children that age. do they understand why? NO, they don't. I have 3 children, my youngest a boy, 3 yrs old. And he thinks he is a superhero. He also thinks that a policeman is very brave and help those in need, so guess what he plays policeman to stop the bad guys. Some of you probably just a stroke because I said "bad guy"! his idea of a "bad guy" is his dad or sisters running away from him. COMPLETE AND TOTAL INNOCENCE!!!

WooMo... WooMommy7

IM very sad with how the schools are over reacting to things and taking there child hoods away. i live in Iowa and have had friends and family complain about a elementary out here. If a kids to hyper they just need medicine. They have lost going out for recess just because they where poking there friend making taser noises and they where laughing. This is part of the reason kids have issues. We put them in school expect them to grow up and let go of there childhood. IF you a teacher in an elementary school you need to relax. They are still kids they are still learning and parents need to relax too. If everyone didn't jump to sue maybe everyone else would calm down. Its ridiculous now a days.

nonmember avatar mom of two

This is along the same lines I'm from a small farming town in pa and when my son started kindergarten last September I was shocked to find out he wasn't allowed to wear camouflage because its gang related? Really he is in kindergarten?

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