Heath Ledger's Daughter Matilda Gives Her Grandparents a Beautiful Reason to Keep Going

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matilda ledgerMatilda LedgerThere's no question: Matilda Ledger is indeed her father's daughter. Just look at that face! The now 7-year-old daughter of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Matilda was only a toddler when her dad tragically passed away in 2008. But clearly he lives on in his little girl, and her very existence is a gift to her mother and grandparents. In fact, Heath's mom and dad recently spoke out -- which they rarely do -- about their granddaughter and how she gets them through the tough times. "Matilda is indeed very much like her dad -- she has long limbs and similar features," said Sally Ledger, Heath's mother. "However, she also possesses the beauty of her mamma -- lucky girl."

Heath's dad Kim Ledger is equally proud: "Matilda has the same walk as Heath and is such a respectful little kid. Our family has the most wonderful relationship with both Matilda and Michelle; we talk frequently and visit as often as we can."

Now that is one very much loved little girl! I wonder if she realizes how incredibly valuable she is to her mom and grandparents.

Can a 7-year-old comprehend what an important role she's playing in her family's life? Probably not, but I hope someday she makes the connection. 

"It has been an extremely difficult five years, as not a day goes by when we don't feel the immense loss of Heath," said his mom. Without Matilda, the loss might have swallowed them whole.

Does Matilda Ledger remind you of her dad, Heath?


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gridi... gridironsmom

Please for the love of all that is good, spell check!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

She looks JUST like him! Wow!


I just can't forget how Kim was trying to keep all of his sons estate from Matilda. I'm glad she has Michelle as a mom,she seems grounded.

SaphireH SaphireH

so beautiful, its so sucky she has to live with out her dad

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh very much so. I got teary eyed when I saw a pic of her shortly after his death cause she is a splitting image of him. I hope they do have a great relationship. Some people will say anything for attention.

ashjo85 ashjo85

She looks SO much like him! Amazing...

hexxuss hexxuss

Wow - she REALLY looks like her dad more & more each year

Kimberly May

She looks so much like her daddy she definantly has his eyes.

nonmember avatar Liana

Prima- Kim never tried to keep that money from Matilda, his uncle was being shifty but Kim and Sally only ever wanted his estate to go to her, obviously. Still miss Heath but so glad Michelle & Matilda are happy and she looks so much like her Dad. God bless them.

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