Kidnapper Signs 5-Year-Old Out of School & Makes Us Wonder How Safe Our Kids Really Are

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Na'illa RobinsonIf you have ever complained about how inconvenient it is to have to sign your own kid out of her elementary school, get ready to eat your words. A missing 5-year-old girl has been found in Philadelphia, but it's no thanks to the folks who allowed a kidnapper to take Na'illa Robinson out of school on Monday morning.

How could this happen? Aren't we supposed to be seeing more school security in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, not less?

I've heard some grumblings from parents over the years that they don't exactly enjoy what it takes to pick their kids up from school. It's a hassle. It's a pain. It takes a long time when you have only X amount of time to leave work, grab the kid from school, shuffle them from the dentist, and get back.

OK, fine. As a working mom, I feel their pain. But Na'illa Robinson's story is what happens when you scale back on school security measures.

Cops say the stranger, dressed in a black burqa, showed up at Bryant Elementary School early Monday morning claiming that she was there to pick up Na'illa. The woman was able to use a fake name -- Tiffany -- to get the little girl out of the building, and no one bothered to check in with the 5-year-old's parents. They didn't even know their daughter was missing until the end of the school day!

The little girl somehow escaped and was found on a playground this morning wearing nothing but a t-shirt in the freezing weather. Cops are letting her get treatment at a local hospital before they question her to put the pieces together and find her abductor.

I'm relieved that she's OK, but I have to say the story makes me doubly glad that the woman at the front desk at my daughter's school asks to see my license when I walk in the door -- even though she and pretty much everyone else in that building know exactly who I am. If she's asking me, a person she knows, then I'm willing to bet she's asking anyone else who enters that building. That makes me feel more comfortable as a mom knowing my daughter is out of my sight for eight hours a day. I'd take a dozen more hoops to jump through to get my kid if I knew she was safe.

If only Na'illa Robinson's parents had that sense of security.

Is it a pain to have to remember to bring my wallet in? Does it take more time? Yes, and yes. But what is more important? Convenience or our kids?

I don't think I have to tell you how to answer that, do I?

Have you ever grumbled about the security measures at your kids' school? Are they restrictive enough?


Image via Amber Alert

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Doomy234 Doomy234

Wow. This is actually pretty shocking to me. It was quite an ordeal to check your kid out early at my elementary school as a child. My mother had to come in, give them my name, give them her name, show that she was who she said she was either through id or by stating our address or phone number that was on record.

This little girl's school needs to step up their game and fast. Had they never seen her parents before? They didnt bother asking for any sort of id or even a personal question to make sure? More importantly, who was this perpetrator and how did they know enough about this little girl to pull her out of school? Sounds like someone actually knew who she was and wanted to take her....

the4m... the4mutts

I lik parts of my kids' school security, and not other parts. They require ID & signature to get kids off campus, or to visit the campus. Good for them. But on like Christmas concert, family picnic, and other big days, they do keep the gates closed, but they allow anyone to walk in & out through the office. With barely a glance at them. Bad on their part.

Also, they take a kid's word for it when the kid says "im walking home today". Im glad they trust my kids, but at the same time, they really should need a note from parents or something.

missusmc missusmc

Wow.  In my school district, a noncustodial parent isn't even allowed to pick up their child from school without the custodial parents permission.  I can't imagine a stranger being allowed.  How scary and sad.  

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

What the hell!? My kids school KNOWS who I am. If someone else said they were my kids Mom they would call the cops. How this happened is beyond me. Just wow. That poor girl. And her parents. I can't even imagine how hard that must be on them. The school is definitely part at fault for this.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Where my son goes to school it's locked and the only way to get in is being buzzed in. And once your in the school you have to go straight to the office. If your not on the list or they didn't get a phone from me or my husband they will not let my son leave they will actually call to see if someone else is picking up my son but his schools knows he doesn't get picked up he takes the bus home. Philly schools have always been like this u can walk in without any questions.

lulou lulou

I can see one of my boys speaking up, even only at 5, if someone odd came to check him out.  Although my other would probably get pretty shy about it.  Makes me wonder if this little girl knew the abductor, or if she was targeted maybe for that reason.

Time to have an updated "stranger" danger talk with the kids.

CPN322 CPN322

There are so many things wrong with this story. But(NOT blaming the little girl) why did she go with the stranger? Did her parents not teach her about stranger danger? I know even at that young of an age I never would have gone with someone I did not know and wouldn't go with someone I did know if my parents hadn't told me about it first. I'm so glad she is ok!!

marci... marcie1455

I have so many questions about this story. I want to know what the woman said in order to get that child to go with her. I wonder if she had been planning this for awhile?  Strange how she chose the substitute teacher on this particular day. (Did she know the teacher had been out?)  I hope this school gets their security straight!

mande... manderspanders

But even if the school asked to see the woman's ID... if she was wearing a burqa and claiming to be muslim (cuz why else would one wear a burqa), then her ID could show someone with a burqa - someone you couldn't identify anyway.  Muslim women are not to show their faces and this causes issues with ascertaining ID for legitimate purposes. I'm not saying this person was muslim, but at a minimum using that to get this child.

I guess I wonder who on earth lets a child walk out of a school with a person in a burqa... especially if that isn't something you see everyday.

zombi... zombiemommy916

When I pick my kids up, they have an identification computer system that scans your ID and then takes your picture...before you're allowed to sign out your child...I just don't understand how this even happened, definitely need more details...

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