Celeb Dad Ben Affleck's Hands Are the Cutest Accessory in Hollywood (PHOTO)

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Ben Affleck's handsThey always say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands, and I'd say it's official. The award for cutest hands in Hollywood goes to Ben Affleck. Take a peek at the director at the Critics' Choice Awards this week with scribbles all over his hands, and you'll agree.

At first glance, the black lines don't seem to make a whole lot of sense. But the father of three has a story to go with the scribbles. Key word here: father.

Turns out Ben let one of this young daughters -- Violet or Serphina -- take a marker and write all over his hands! The message -- what was supposed to be his name -- was apparently for good luck, and it worked. Ben took home the award for best director for Argo .

Alright, I'll give you a second to recover from that swoon and remember that Jennifer Garner has already snapped this gem up off the market.

Now let's talk about this.

That says a lot about what kind of man he is, doesn't it? A guy who loves his kids so much that he'll do anything for them, even look like a bit of a doofus in front of the entire world?

Because this wasn't just a regular day at the office. Ben was going to a black tie event where there would be paparazzi everywhere he turned, and he'd be rubbing elbows with the muckety-mucks of Hollywood. And he still let his little girls go to town on his most obvious of appendages.

For some reason it reminds me of the new Senator who let his 1-year-old upstage him during his swearing in a few weeks ago. Ben was even willing to share the meaning of the scribbles during his acceptance speech, ceding some of his big moment to his daughters.

That's the kind of father little girls need; the kind of guy who cares more about them than he does about what the rest of the world thinks. Because those are the kinds of fathers who help raise little girls who know it doesn't matter what other people think of them; it matters that they have people who love them.

Would your kids' dad do something like this? What do you think of Ben's "accessory" for his big night?


Image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

What's with all these celebrity fluff articles lately? Can we get some articles with real substance please?

Reali... RealityCheckNow

Of how much importance do you think he puts into this awards ceremony?  Based on his appearance, I would estimate a pittance.  His shirt is un-tucked and his tie is loose and askew.  I am certain that a few scribbles (adorable as they were) didn't concern him as far as his red carpet looks would be affected.

cdjak cdjak

When our kids were young, my youngest daughter started coloring in her dad's arm tatoo with (washable) markers one day. Before I knew it, all three of them were surrounding him on the floor, his shirt off, and he was a human coloring book! I had to join in the fun, of course. From waist to forehead, front and back, he was a mass of colorful pictures. He even let me take pictures of the results. He was then, and still is, the realest of real men. (I'll also never forget the multiple times he submitted to my daughters' fixing his hair, complete with plastic barrettes. Our son took the clue and let them have at him, too. Another real man raised!)

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

@fleurdelys3110 There are two 'fluff' articles to the eight articles with substance on Google News about Ben's award. You can find plenty of the articles you prefer on the Internet. Articles of these kinds are for those of us who like to be reminded that people in Hollywood aren't that different from others in everyday life. So let us enjoy them. Personally, I thought this was absolutely great. My poor dad had to go through a whole lot too. He's got a wife, 3 of us girls, a female dog, female cat & female tortoise. Haha! Now he goes to the store by himself and buys huge packages of toilet paper and tampons like its no big deal. :P

ninag... ninag1980

thanks for the feel good read this morning :)


nonmember avatar Paul revere

Mr Affleck,

Yeah, let's all smoke faerie dust and we can change the world. If you have ever been to one of these defunct wastelands you would quickly realize that it is a hopeless situation. The warring factions need to be left alone to settle their differences. The Sons and Daughters of America must never again be sent on suicide missions in these 3rd world wastelands. Haven't you learned anything from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan?
I forgot, you weren't there. But I was, so was my son and daughter.
I have a suggestion for people who want to change the world: Send YOUR Sons and Daughters and stop sending mine.

Signed by an OIF veteran, father of 2 OIF Veterans

hexxuss hexxuss

Aww, best feel good story of the day =)

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