25 Most Annoying Kid Habits

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There is no love on Earth like a mother's love. It's unconditional and all-consuming and more powerful than anything else I know. And we love our children completely: Their hands, their faces, the way they smell, their voices, the way they look when they're sleeping ... All of them.

Well, all of them, except for a few little things. In fact, some things about our kids, we simply can't stand. Here are the top 25 things about their kids that drive my friends crazy ...

1. Telling me "one second" for EVERYTHING I tell him to do. - Nancy

2. The door slamming that will eventually break the whole damn house. - Jamie

3. Hearing the word “but”, which is always followed by all the reasons I should change my mind about something I’ve already decided. - Marie

4. Incessant whining when they don't get their way. The worst is when this escalates into a full-on public tantrum. - Erin

5. Like Mom, it's like this, like, like, like ... Holy crap she says the word like a million times a day! - Kellie

6. You know when you are on the phone and suddenly you are soooooo irresistible to your offspring??? - April

7. I wish my 5-year-old would keep his damn hands off of his sisters. He's constantly hitting, pinching, pushing, and grabbing at them. I say KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF YOUR SISTERS more than any other words. All.Day.Long. - Natalie

8. Yelling "help me" in every store we go in! One of these days someone is going to think I'm abducting him. - Amanda

9. Fighting sleep ... every nap, every night for bed. Once in a great while, she will fall asleep no problem. Then it's like a miracle and I want to have a party. - Sarah

10. He mimics a friend of his who does this spit slurping thing between sentences and it MAKES. ME. INSANE. Even more so than the whining. - Beth

11. Her 'one second!!' reply with attitude when I tell her to brush her teeth and put pajamas on. In fact, she says it every time I ask her to do something. - Megan

12. My 5-year-old always procrastinates. It takes him 20 minutes to brush his teeth. Drives me crazy. - Stefanie

13. The constant chatter. He's not usually even saying anything to anyone, it's just constant noise out of his mouth. - Summer

14. My kids fighting over everything!!! We could have three of everything and they'd still fight over one toy! - Shannon

15. My 6-year-old thinking everyone wants to see his penis ... Really??? - Carolyn

16. Like. As in, "Mommy, today, I was like, you know, going to like school, and like had to like talk to like her." Maddening. - Eryn

17. I'd love to have him quit telling me how much he hates school ... he's in freakin second grade, how can you hate school already? - Dawn

18. I would like the eliminate the words: I don't know. Period. Every question to my 13-year-old on why he did something he wasn't supposed to is "I don't know", yes, you do know. Now answer my damn question! - Patricia

19. The way they roll their eyes when you ask them to do something like clean their room. - Claire

20. When she absolutely NEEDS to sit in my lap when I am eating dinner or doing school work. - Paige

21. High-pitched toddler squealing! - Sabrina

22. Eating his damn boogers! Snot grosses me out worse than vomit yet he insists on eating it! - Jenelle

23. The new fascination with talking about bodily functions. - Mary Ellen

24. The fact that they seem to get urine everywhere BUT in the toilet. - Jill

25. The eye rolling. My 6-year-old rolls her eyes more than me or my sister did combined when we were teenagers! - Mandie

What can't you stand about your kids?


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nonmember avatar Amanda

my 2 yr old son is always opening the fridge and sitting in it to were I

his feet are hanging out and when i ask him what are you doing he just gives me through biggest grin and says sitting mommy its actually kind of cute but he does it countless number of times a day

early... earlybird11

Mom !mom ma. Mommmmmmmy... All realllly fast before I can say w&hhhhhhhhhhat

nonmember avatar Melissa

Am I the only one that noticed this list isn't 25 different annoying habits? There are 3 different repeats on here 1 and 11, 5 and 16, then 19 and 25.....

vandm... vandmsmom

My daughter wants to be on top of me constantly and forget about having a second for myself she wont even let me take out the trash by myself it drives me insane

vandm... vandmsmom

My daughter wants to be on top of me constantly and forget about having a second for myself she wont even let me take out the trash by myself it drives me insane

Mrs.S... Mrs.Sellers778

The fact that I can't cook, walk, drink hot coffee, load the dryer, shower, or shit with out a 1 year old and 2 year old inbetween my feet! mom mom mom mom mom mom mommy mommy mommy come on, mom, here, mom, mom, mom!! SHUT YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs.S... Mrs.Sellers778

OMG and the booger/eating them thing!! My 2 year old son does it! He will make sure you are looking and pick that little nose and eat it! Than laugh histarically!!! EW!

CObun... CObunnygirl

Oh my.. Where do I start! The constant babble that he thinks is funny, which totally is not... The whining! The crying everytime I look at him. The "did you clean your room like I asked?" and him "yes I did mommy" I go into his room and its like a tornado blew through. The constant fight to get him to brush his teeth. The constant fight to get him to eat his veges. The constant fight over everything period. I love my son, but he just hit 8 and is in the very annoying stage right now.

nonmember avatar bstarr

My sweet little daughter always has a reason to call me to her while I'm doing laundry or something. I do not like the back & forth! & it's always when she is in the bath or some place where I can't tell her to 'come here if you want me'!

Another thing that bugs the crap out of me about other kids is the constant use of video games/media. The portable, handheld devices are the best way to allow our children to be rude to others including their own family & other kids their age. They should not be used while in public or at other events or family get togethers. It just shows a total lack of respect.

jnsdrf jnsdrf

I have had a couple people (who I no longer talk to to) say my kids are out of control and I have to say after reading this post and all the comments I am soooo relieved to know they are NOT LOL!!! I'd also like to say "said" people don't have kids so they don't know what it's like, but yet think they know everything asnyways lol. That to me is VERY annoying!...

Anywho, my son (8yrs) is mildly autistic with ADHD and has started getting an attitude and is very defiant with everyone for pretty much everything. Which I now know is a normal 8yr old thing, but is still very annoying. I also have to agree with everyone else that the whining definately tops the list. Both my 8 and 4yr old whine about everything and heaven forbid I ever say NO! You would swear the world came to a screaching halt lol.  Also my 4yr old daughter has started sticking her tongue at people when she's told something she doesn't want to hear errr. So yeah I can relate to pretty much all of you and I do find most of it annoying but an learning to ignore it and hope they grow out of it lol. :)

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