25 Most Annoying Kid Habits

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There is no love on Earth like a mother's love. It's unconditional and all-consuming and more powerful than anything else I know. And we love our children completely: Their hands, their faces, the way they smell, their voices, the way they look when they're sleeping ... All of them.

Well, all of them, except for a few little things. In fact, some things about our kids, we simply can't stand. Here are the top 25 things about their kids that drive my friends crazy ...

1. Telling me "one second" for EVERYTHING I tell him to do. - Nancy

2. The door slamming that will eventually break the whole damn house. - Jamie

3. Hearing the word “but”, which is always followed by all the reasons I should change my mind about something I’ve already decided. - Marie

4. Incessant whining when they don't get their way. The worst is when this escalates into a full-on public tantrum. - Erin

5. Like Mom, it's like this, like, like, like ... Holy crap she says the word like a million times a day! - Kellie

6. You know when you are on the phone and suddenly you are soooooo irresistible to your offspring??? - April

7. I wish my 5-year-old would keep his damn hands off of his sisters. He's constantly hitting, pinching, pushing, and grabbing at them. I say KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF YOUR SISTERS more than any other words. All.Day.Long. - Natalie

8. Yelling "help me" in every store we go in! One of these days someone is going to think I'm abducting him. - Amanda

9. Fighting sleep ... every nap, every night for bed. Once in a great while, she will fall asleep no problem. Then it's like a miracle and I want to have a party. - Sarah

10. He mimics a friend of his who does this spit slurping thing between sentences and it MAKES. ME. INSANE. Even more so than the whining. - Beth

11. Her 'one second!!' reply with attitude when I tell her to brush her teeth and put pajamas on. In fact, she says it every time I ask her to do something. - Megan

12. My 5-year-old always procrastinates. It takes him 20 minutes to brush his teeth. Drives me crazy. - Stefanie

13. The constant chatter. He's not usually even saying anything to anyone, it's just constant noise out of his mouth. - Summer

14. My kids fighting over everything!!! We could have three of everything and they'd still fight over one toy! - Shannon

15. My 6-year-old thinking everyone wants to see his penis ... Really??? - Carolyn

16. Like. As in, "Mommy, today, I was like, you know, going to like school, and like had to like talk to like her." Maddening. - Eryn

17. I'd love to have him quit telling me how much he hates school ... he's in freakin second grade, how can you hate school already? - Dawn

18. I would like the eliminate the words: I don't know. Period. Every question to my 13-year-old on why he did something he wasn't supposed to is "I don't know", yes, you do know. Now answer my damn question! - Patricia

19. The way they roll their eyes when you ask them to do something like clean their room. - Claire

20. When she absolutely NEEDS to sit in my lap when I am eating dinner or doing school work. - Paige

21. High-pitched toddler squealing! - Sabrina

22. Eating his damn boogers! Snot grosses me out worse than vomit yet he insists on eating it! - Jenelle

23. The new fascination with talking about bodily functions. - Mary Ellen

24. The fact that they seem to get urine everywhere BUT in the toilet. - Jill

25. The eye rolling. My 6-year-old rolls her eyes more than me or my sister did combined when we were teenagers! - Mandie

What can't you stand about your kids?


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dixie... dixiechick2

When my 9 year old says REALLY or SERIOUSLY! My 11 year old NEVER does anything wrong, it's always I didn't do it Kenny did. They argue about EVERYTHING!

gabe05 gabe05

Their stuttering.  All three of my kids do it and it gets better every year, but no matter how patient and understanding I sound, I want to yell at them to just spit it out and then I feel guilty!

paren... parentalrights1

repeating the same statement over and over until you look him in the eye and repeat what he said with a "Yeah!"

dreamsky dreamsky

Nothing. My kids are perfect.... Ha ha ha !! Just kidding. Whining. The whining and high pitched screaming makes me want to jump off a bridge!

nonmember avatar Kelly

OMG at the stuttering comment. I hope that just came across the wrong way!

Rosas... RosasMummy

her inability to play by herself, it makes me wound up and it makes me guilty

Doomy234 Doomy234

4 and 6 mostly. My son will literally sit quietly and play with his toys until he hears us start a normal adult conversation, then here he comes "mom dad listen to this story about how I picked my nose outside and it was so cold it froze" tugging on pants legs. Lol. We cant even have a normal 2 minute conversation. And forget discussing important things, its impossible. And 4 just makes me wanna yank my hair out. I always feel sorry for the parents in stores whose kid is rolling and screaming on the floor because they cant get a candy bar or a new toy. We've all been in that embarrassing situation. Makes us feel like the worst parents ever.

da_mi... da_miranda

My 4 yrs old son is officially a tail of her mother (me!). He just cannot hang around with his dad & following me everywhere..i just cant leave him playing alone/with daddy & he constantly follow me everywhere. I cant sit & watch How I Met Your Mother quietly before he got out from his room & ask me to change the TV to disney channel. I was cooking & he ask me to help him took his toy from a high surface,while daddy's sitting next to him. I was doing laundry when he ask me to help him open the cookie jar,of course while daddy's sitting next to him. Eating another jar of chips. Not that my husband doesnt want to help our son with anything, it just that my son constantly calls: mommy..help me..! Duh

quinn007 quinn007

I second the whining.  The constant fricking whining.  And the inability to do anything the first time it's asked.  I have to repeat myself so often I get tired of hearing my own voice.  Thank god for good wine.

talaricg talaricg

A solution to the door-slamming is a trick my dad did... he took the door off the hinges, and promptly told me that a door is a priveledge in our family, not a right. that was the end of door slamming for me AND my siblings. I have every intention of doing that if and when my kids decide it's how they want to handle their anger.

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