5-Year-Old's Reason for Refusing to Do Homework Correctly Deserves an 'A'

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homeworkHave you ever looked at your kid's homework and thought, The hell?! I'm not talking about the actual work your kid does, I'm talking about those standardized worksheets and pages torn out of books along perforated lines -- before your child even sharpens his pencil. You know, the part of your kid's homework that's supposed to be guaranteed mistake-free. Except sometimes it's not. I've seen my kids bring home everything from phonics assignments with typos (really?!) to vocabulary drills with incorrect definitions. My personal favorite? Those photocopied-to-death "learning about money" worksheets, which require your child to look at an assortment of smudgy gray "coins" and somehow magically figure out the sum. Is that a nickel? A quarter? Who knows? It's a circle!

Anyway, my point is sometimes kids are smarter than the material that's supposed to be educating them.

Like the 5-year-old boy who took it upon himself to add what he felt was a very important footnote to his homework assignment. See, the boy was supposed to choose the appropriate words to illustrate a variety of pictures: "The man can ... " (rub, run, rug); "The ... ran" (fog, fox, for).

Then, a moral conundrum. Alongside a little cartoon of a man smacking a dog with a newspaper: "The man ... the dog" (fit, hit).

Well, this little boy went out on a limb and filled in that blank with a word that wasn't on the list: "Pet." And then he added underneath: "You should not hit dogs."

Well said, kid! You tell 'em. I can't wait until he gets one of those blurry coin worksheets: "You cannot add coins together when you can't even see which president is on the front." 

Have you ever noticed a mistake or something else odd about your kid's homework?


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Heath... HeatherJo11

My children aren't to homework age yet. But how sweet of this little boy. His parents must be doing something right! I hope my children will think out of the box & follow their own moral center like this.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I get it and its great that he is thinking about the assignment instead of mindlessly filling it out, but it isnt the correct answer. However, I dont think a point should be deducted either since it was a good moral mistake. Its not like he actually put the wrong word, he just added a better option.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

That's so cute. I would totally give him an A plus.

the4m... the4mutts

My 1st grader did something cute like that before christmas break. It was reading comprehesion q&a.

The question was "how can you tell this story could really happen?" The answer they WANTED, was something along the lines of "it took place in a real city, and the problem the main character had, is one anyone could have"

The answer my daughter gave:

Because the dog didn't talk.

It was so cute, that I just let her leave it. The teacher found it funny too luckilly lol

nonmember avatar Tammy

When my daughter was in preschool. The letter of the week was "K" So they made Crowns to wear on their heads and in the center was a upper case K and on either side of the upper case K was lower case K's. I picked up my daughter and headed to the grocery store. That is when I noticed that there were 3 K's on my daughters head k K k ... uh.... yikes, than I started thinking why is the letter K on a crown, wouldn't that be letter C? I turned around and drove back to her school. The teacher said that she didn't even think about the KKK look to the crown, but defended using a crown because it was a Kings Crown..... whatever, I had a very upset 4 year old, cause no way in hell was she wearing that into the grocery store.

femal... femaleMIKE

What a smart and sweet kid. 

You can blame the budget cuts for the sloppy work given to kids.

femal... femaleMIKE

@ Tammy, wow! 

Felip... FelipesMom

Doomy234, it IS the correct answer, because these things are FAR more important than giving the answer the teacher expected:

1. ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO READ AND WRITE. Think about it - is the goal here to help this child develop the skills to choose from two words and put on in a blank? (When was the last time you were faced with that task?) Or is the goal here to help this child develop THE ABILITY TO READ AND WRITE, as in read the words, attach meaning to them, choose a response, and write that response down such that others can read it? THAT is exactly what he did. Heck, just being able to write his own word instead of choosing from the list shows that he is above and beyond the level of work elicited by this assignment.

2. BEING A DECENT PERSON. This is not Nazi Germany, this is not the Army, this is the REAL WORLD. And out here, it is actually more valuable to think independently than it is to blindly follow directions.

I love this kid!!!! I can only hope (haven't read the linked story yet) that his teacher had the brains to see this for what it is - an example of all the right things :o)

Felip... FelipesMom

PS Has anyone else noticed that there are two travesties occuring here? (One, of course, is that hitting dogs was even included in this kid's HW). The second one is this: A kid who can write the sentence "You should not hit dogs" is being asked, for HW, to waste his time copying three-letter words. Hello!!!

the4m... the4mutts

FelipesMom- yeah I noticed that. When my kids were in Kinder, it irritated me too. Luckilly, the teachers were good enough to recognize the problem, and both my kids were skipped up. My son to full 1st grade, then my daughter skipped to advanced Kinder at a different school.

Makes me sad when school ends up holding kids back from their natural ability in the name of "education"

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