'Toddlers & Tiaras' Worm-Eating Girl Makes 'Honey Boo Boo' Look High Class (VIDEO)


worm eating pageant girlHere's a question you've never heard before: Did tonight's episode of Toddlers & Tiaras go too far? Ha! Obviously I was kidding, because clearly you've heard that question a time or two or eighty bazillion before. But this time, the question is truly legit. Because tonight we met young pageant pro Jordan (who, at 9 years old, isn't exactly what I'd call a toddler). Jordan is a cute, spunky redhead with a closet of sparkly runway wear -- but don't let that fool you. Jordan, who calls herself "a tomboy on the inside and a pageant girl on the outside," has a few decidedly un-ladylike quirks. Un-humanlike, even. Oh hell, I'm just gonna come out and say it: THE KID LIKES TO EAT WORMS.

"Delicious worms," as she calls them -- fresh from the dirt, still a-wigglin' and everything. And naturally, this being a reality show, Jordan indulges in her favorite snack right on camera, which is even more stomach-turning to witness than you might imagine. Sheesh, and that particular critter wasn't even up to par, according to Jordan:

“The one worm that I ate when I was fishing with my dad was better. That one had pee in it."

I guess that's what we get, people. We dared to judge Mama June for serving Honey Boo Boo plate after heaping plate of 'sketti, and now look! Hell, sketti's some high class eats compared to URINE-FILLED WORMS! Why why why why does her mom allow this to happen?!?! Although I will say this much for Jordan's mom -- the woman is clearly grossed out by her daughter's nasty habit. Not grossed out enough to decide against sharing the footage with America, but at least she's not dropping the worms into Jordan's mouth like a mama bird or something. (Oh god, please don't tell me I just gave TLC any ideas for future episodes!)

Do you think tonight's episode of Toddlers & Tiaras went too far?

Image via TLC

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nonmember avatar Cass

For all your complaining about these shows, you don't seem to grasp the concept that, if you stop writing about crappy tv shows, fewer people will watch crappy tv shows and there will BE fewer crappy tv shows. When was the last time anyone on cafemom recapped breaking bad, game of thrones, boardwalk empire, etc? The networks will give people what they want, which they determine based on what they watch. People watch this shit. TLC makes money. End of story. Either do your part to change it or STFU.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Well said Cass. I don't watch these shows. Just came to comment after seeing the headline.

Dear writer, that segment obviously got her some air time, some attention so I believe her goal was accomplished. Gross, yes. Calculated on the parent's and TLC's part? Yup. 

whate... whatever82

I felt so sorry for Jordan after seeing last night's episode.  Her mother is more of a child than she is, given her actions on the show.  The kids that are really into the pageants and attention seem happy, but when one looks miserable and pushed into it by a parent, I just want to cry for her.

mizmo... mizmommerz3891

She's clearly the kind of kid who likes grossing other people out.  Some people just get a thrill when they are going against what is normal, and making other people think they're strange.  

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

Well...I guess if Jordan gets stranded in the wilderness, we won't have to worry about her starving? I agree with Cass, the more viewers that these shows get, the more we'll get these types of shows. If you want decent tv, control the WTF?! urge everyone seems to have these days & watch good shows instead.

nonmember avatar crystal Roberts

My daughter Jordan absolutely loved filming and she ate the worm to show everyone she is not just a pageant kid. she is truly a tom boy. she is so fun loving and has a true free spirit. This truly was made for tv HOWEVER jordan is saying given the chance she will eat a bucket full.. Please remember what you see on tv is not always true..

Cynthia Fesler

I say this is Jordan's way of telling her Mom she would rather be a tomboy than to do the pagents. And after this episode her Mom may be ready for that. If neither of them find the pagents fulfilling, that's a sign to quit. Jordan obvously knows what she really wants. Lether go for it!

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