Girl's Tongue Gets Stuck in Ordinary Water Bottle for Hours & She Ends Up in Intensive Care (VIDEO)

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metal water bottleWe all know that choosing to use reusable water bottles instead of buying case after case of bottled water is better for the environment, but did you ever think that using a metal watter bottle could be hazardous to your kid's health and safety?

You will after hearing a new report from Today. Kids are getting their tongues stuck inside of metal water bottles -- to the point where they're being rushed to the emergency room and having to undergo hours of surgery in order to remove the bottles from their mouths. (OMG. OMG. OMG.)

And one little girl, Mary Kate Person, even wound up in the ICU after getting her tongue stuck inside of one of these metal bottles. You can hear her story in this video clip, but I'll warn you, it's not easy to watch. I felt myself gasping for air a couple of times during it -- but for the sake of your kids' safety, I highly urge you to take a look.

Oh. My. GOD!!!! Did you ever for one second think that something like this could happen -- all from using a water bottle?

My family owns at least four or five metal water bottles similar to the ones in the video, and as soon as I finished watching the clip, I went right over to our kitchen cabinets, gathered them all up, and threw them in the trash.

Yes, I know the likelihood of my son getting his tongue stuck may be not be very high, but after seeing that little girl lying in a hospital bed all hooked up to breathing tubes? Yeah, I'm just not willing to take the risk.

Earlier this week, my husband came home with a new water bottle for our son that has a straw to drink from, so I think this weekend we'll make sure to pick up a few more of those to have around the house instead.

These new warnings may have been difficult to hear about, but I'm so glad Today aired them. Hopefully parents all over the country will watch the clip, pay attention, and take the safety risks of metal water bottles to heart before their kid is the one who winds up in the ER.

Had you ever heard of metal water bottles being dangerous before? Do you own any?


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nonmember avatar LK

Poor kid. I hope she makes a full recovery. I've gotten my own tongue pinched several times by one of the metal bottles sold at Old Navy. I would never offer one to my daughter. The design is clearly flawed.

miche... micheledo

I am hear the family is seeking legal action. I a mnot sure what I think. Accidents happen with anything and companies cannot predict every rare accident that could occur. And how rare is this? Do we start banning anything that can possibly cause an accident, no matter how rare?

bills... billsfan1104

OK. I feel bad for these kids and the pictures are heartwrenching but I am pissed that these parents are going to sue the bottle makers.  

cleo_... cleo_is_mine

It's not like she put her tongue and it got stuck. She put her tongue and sucked the air out and built pressure and obviously she took it too far. But where I come from, you can't blame the company if something goes wrong when you're using its product for different purposes other than what it was originally created for. Plus I'm sorry but I wouldve safely hammered a screwdriver at the end of that bottle and voila no need for hours of agony. Now throw my metal bottles away? Heck no, I rather teach my child. (Or else I'd have to rid all house contents!)

alway... alwayscurious

My dd, who was six at the time, did this with a one piece apple shaped water bottle. I ended up sawing a hole in the bottom with a steak knife to relieve the suction. It helped, but I still had to pull hard cuz her tongue was swollen by that point. She was upset, but I thought it was fairly amusing. Her tongue was sore for a bit afterward, but she sure learned not to do that again! Kids do dumb stuff all the time. We laugh about it now!

kisse... kisses5050

happened to a girl at scout camp when I was a kid... she got her tongue stuck in her canteen...we were afraid to tell the troop leader because we didn't want to go home.. so we took a girl scout pocket knife( do they even have those anymore?) and a tent mallet and banged  holes in it till it went hiiisssss and let lose... looking back we are lucky we didn't get hurt or stab someone...

nonmember avatar guest123456789

This has happened with Soda bottles and many other countless bottles over the years. Teach your kids not to sick there tongue in them. Simple as that.. I'm sorry for the girl and I am glad she made a full recovery but seriously teach them to not stick their tongues in them.

Frank... Frankies71

Totally agree with Cleo_is_mine. Lets have a sense of personal responsibility, folks!!!

nonmember avatar commonsense

I am sorry, we have used these types of bottles for over 10 years. First, you can buy a cap that is like a sports cap if your kids cant drink out of a bottle, second, did these parents even teach their children how to drink? My son has been using one since age 2! 8 and 9 year olds doing this COME ON. Third the parents who want to sue are what is wrong in this country. I feel bad for the kids, but its time to teach you children!

Tamas... Tamashiibear

It is sad the little girls family wasn't smart enough to put a hole in the bottle b4 her tongue swelled to far for that to work. though I sure don't see how the bottle maker is responsible. Do they need to add emergency realise buttons on the bottles and market them especialy for stupid people?

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