7 Reasons I'm Glad I Never Had a Daughter

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When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I convinced her that we'd be surprised with the baby's sex. She wanted to know; I didn't. We compromised and said we wouldn't for the first kid, but it's her choice on the second. I believe that was the first (and last) time I ever won an argument.

She ended up loving the surprise and decided to stay in the dark the second time as well. And as luck would have it, we had boys both times. To be honest, I originally didn't care about the sexes, I just wanted a completely healthy baby. There were too many horror stories that hit close to home, so a healthy boy or girl was all I cared about.

Fast forward a good seven or so years and I'm now quite happy, make that ecstatic, that we have two incredibly awesome boys. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I'm totally relieved we never had a girl.

Yes, they're made of sugar and spice and everything nice. But what spices are we talking about here? I'm not a big fan of nutmeg. And I totally can't stand allspice. No, I'm quite glad my wife and I never had a daughter. And here's 7 big reasons to back that up:

1. Princess of Power - No Disney Princesses! In fact, the only princess my boys would even consider talking about is one named Leia, and she lives in a galaxy far, far away.

2. Flush It - For some reason, women seem to use up an insane amount of toilet paper on a daily basis. What the heck are they doing in there, making life-size Egyptian dioramas? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if I had a daughter, I'd need to take out a second mortgage just to keep the bathroom stocked.

3. Go With the Flow - Women will roll their eyes and call us sexist but it's true. That time of the month is a brutal one for everyone involved. Especially the guys. Introduce another estrogen-producing factory in the house and the monthly visits will get twice as painful.

4. Pregnant Pause - When boys start dating, they have just one thing on their minds. And it's pretty much the same thing men are thinking about. Yeah, guys are just pigs. Honestly, I have no idea how fathers even let their daughters date. I'd be afraid to let her take even one step out of the house for fear she'd somehow get knocked up.

5. Clothes Call - If my nieces are any indication, girls don't just like changing their outfits, they love it. On a recent visit, my nieces must've changed their wardrobe at least four times apiece. And that was just in the first hour! No way my wallet (or patience) could stomach that much shopping! 

6. Bieber Fever - I just don't get it and thankfully with two boys, I never will.

7. Stop Stall-ing - Like I said, men are pigs. They're also pretty messy and disgusting. Having to bring my daughter into a public men's room would be a pretty traumatic experience. Most likely for my daughter too.

What do your daughters do that drive you crazy?

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purpl... purpleflower514

I have three sons and I am thankful to not have a girl for all those reasons!

dee0820 dee0820

I have a girl and she reads comics, loves Star Wars and rather a pair of jeans and sneaker with her flair of course. I think all girls are different and I have been always bit on the funky, punk side so I am sure that is where she gets most of her style from. She can be dramatic yet, with a sarcastic tone and she also finds Beiber to be "silly" lol. She just just does not get the fuss over him at all and pokes fun at the whole fever. I hope we have a boy so she can have a sibling though the age difference will be a tad big. My niece on the other hand is ALL girl and I could not be happier with my funky mini me. I love my niece but I could not handle all that girls mood swings and she is only 5!! Lol 

curio... curious1145

Don't forget the other side of your "pregnant pause" thing. Just because you don't have a daughter doesn't mean you don't have to worry about teen pregnancy. Don't forget you have just as much worry about that in trying to educate your sons and hoping they don't get a girl pregnant. I don't think you intended it this way,but you surely made it sound like it would be the girl's problem.

tuffy... tuffymama

Number three wasn't the worst or most sexist comment you made. I'm so glad you didn't have a daughter to warp with your bullshit. Unfortunately, you're probably instilling your sons with it. Yuck.

jalaz77 jalaz77

How emotional they can be!! She is only 7! It's all good though. I love her so much and couldn't picture anything different. We also have 2 boys and a 3rd boy on the way. These sexes bring different things to the table. Positives of a girl is more than the negatives. Hubby adores her and she adores him.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

Tuffymama-I'm with you

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I have both. I am blessed.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh shoot forgot to remind you of the downfall of boys, once married they will spend more time with your DILs family possibly move closer to where your DIL family is. See this soooo often. Enjoy while you can...

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Have 2 girls. The whining and drama r enough to make me wanna rip my ears off! And the nonstop talking lol...... and dont get me started on clotheing. I def should have had boys but i love my girls. I feel for my husband in a few years tho.

the4m... the4mutts

When you have girls, they can only get pregnant once a year. Your "pigs" can knock up hundreds of women in a year. And judging by how you view women, they probably won't be respectful enough of their gfs to care if they knock them up or not.

You're just a woman hating pig. From your blogs about "we should be having sex 20 times a day" to "playdates hold my wife hostage from me, and wreck the bad 50s stereotype I have of walking into my home full of stepford wife & kids" and now "glad I never had girls"

I feel bad for your wife.

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