6-Year-Old Saves Her Dad's Life With Her Jelly Baby Candy

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lunchboxGet ready for your dose of happy for the day, because it's coming at you! A dad is alive today thanks to his 6-year-old daughter and the candy out of her lunchbox.

Didn't think candy could save a life, did you? But for Dave Fitzpatrick, who has diabetes, it was the best thing to prevent him from falling into a dangerous coma. Good thing little Lilly thought to grab the Jelly Baby and feed it to Dad!

The quick thinking kiddo also called 999 (the Fitzpatricks live in England), and an ambulance showed up to take over caring for Dad. I'd say she's earned hero status for this one.

At just 6, to keep that kind of clear head in light of one of the scariest moments of her life?

It's pretty darn special. To put this in context, let's remember, your standard 6-year-old still depends on their parents to tell them to do the most basic of tasks (go brush your teeth, put your shoes on, did you brush those teeth yet?). Forethought is not exactly their specialty.

This just drums home why we need to practice, practice, practice these sort of situations with our kids ... so they don't actually have to think out what to do. They'll already know.

We've done the "how to call 911" talk in our house several times over. But it looks like we'll be doing it again tonight!

How about you? Do you think your kid would be as savvy as little Lilly? Could they save your life?


Image via Apreche/Flickr

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jeane... jeanellensmommy

 I am hypoglycemic, and have had dangerous lows only twice. The last time (probably the worst) was in front of my husband and children, and was a good teaching tool. My 4 year old now knows that it's time for mommy to eat something.

TKsMo... TKsMommie

THIS is why you don't hide things like your illnesses from your kids!!  Because they are smart and can help!  My husband has multiple sclerosis and not only did both kids learn to count to 10 helping daddy take his meds but they know how to tell when he is having a rough day and needs help.  If its raining or he is having a bad day, my daughter doesn't let him walk by himself, even with his cane, he needs to have her too!

  Even with me bring pregnant, the kids have started to notice signs of when I'm feeling badly or tried to do too much (which happens more than it should!) and will tell me to sit, or bring me water without being asked.  Kids are smart and want to help, and there is nothing wrong with preparing them!!  If one of us was diabetic I would prep them to know what to do as well!!  

hexxuss hexxuss

Aw - this is awesome.  Good for them for talking to her about it & not trying to hide it!

nonmember avatar gwanee's mom

My 5 year old did the exact thing for Grandma who was babysitting her while I was at a prenatal appt an hour and a half away. She gave Grandma orange juice and little debbie cakes and called my Uncle(who luckily lives next door) to stay with her until I could get there. I was frantic thinking how scared she must of been however she was all smiled and beaming with pride when I walked in.

squee... squeekers

my hubby & I and the neurologist worked together to come up with a stratagy to teach our then 4 yr old daughter of "what to do if Daddy has a seizure". Hubby had epilepsy. We taught her what to do in the house, in the car and out in public. It came in handy several times over and as she grew up, she was able to educate other adults who witness his seizures.

Maske... MaskedMomma

I' m hypoglycimic & I've taught them to give me sugar,juice,or candy if they can't find my glucose tablets. We havn;t had any bad lows but the 6yr old has told me that my sugar might be low & to sit down & eat :)

Kimberly Carlisle

My husband is a type 1 diabetic. When our son is old enough, he'll be learning how to check his daddy's glucose, what to do if his glucose is too low, and how to work his insulin pump if it's too high. We're in the process of teaching him 911. 

eetfbf eetfbf

Yes my son is not selfish he would do anything to help someone.The Nicky I know would.

Jen Kautt

She channeled her inner Tom Baker and saved a life. Good going!

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