'Redneck' Honey Boo Boo Is a Trust Fund Kid

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honey boo booWell I never! All this time I believed Honey Boo Boo and her family were gen-yu-ine rednecks. We all thought they were so "real" and honest with us. But guess what Alana has been doing behind the scenes? You'll never believe it.

Mama June set up trust funds for Honey Boo Boo and all her daughters.

WHAT? Why that upends everything we've come to believe about supposed "poor, simple country folk." Maybe, just maybe, some of us have been judging the Thompsons a little too harshly. Maybe we've been underestimating their wisdom just because they like to play in mud and eat unhealthy food. Maybe we haven't seen that underneath that gray frizz those lovely blond tresses, Mama June is actually a savvy business woman looking out for what's best for her family.

The Thompsons get $15,000 to $20,000 per episode. But Sugar Bear still supports the family through his contractor job. That TV money is evenly split and put into the girls' trust funds automatically. All Mama June sees is an email statement. (And by the way, even baby Kaitlyn gets a share.) And that's that. "You're never gonna see me drive a Range Rover or a Mercedes. I'll drive one if someone else pays for it. Never gonna live above my means," Mama June says. Their only splurge has been a very practical Ford Expedition. (Not cheap, but not exactly a Ferrari, either.)

To tell you the truth, the more I learn about Mama June, the more I'm impressed with her. She's gotten her family into one crazy kind of business, but so far she seems to be keeping her head and her priorities. It would be so tempting to do all kinds of things with that money. Middle-class people have done reality TV and done hopelessly foolish things with the money. But not this family.

You will never get to laugh at how foolish the Thompson family is with their money, America. No way. That is one stunt they refuse to pull for us. And good for them.

Which just goes to show -- regardless of how much money or education you have, you can still make wise choices for your family. Maybe Mama June got some excellent advice. If so, it was smart of her to listen. Maybe she's noticed what happens to people when they win the lottery. However she arrived at this choice, I think it should make us reconsider how judge people based on their social class.

Are you surprised that Mama June set up trust funds -- or are you surprised that anyone would be surprised?


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Worki... WorkingMom8479

Your whole article is condescending. 'Gray Fizz', really? Are you suggesting because they are poor or overweight than they are not smart?  

CafeMom: judges these people because of their socioeconomic standing, yet we praise the Kardashians. Such bias.

laure... laurenemb

Listen, I don't support the redneck stereotype that is the Thompson family being used for entertainment, but this is a mother who has: raised four children on her own, found a partner that supports and loves her family, teaches her children tolerance ('aint NOTHIN wrong with bein a little gay!') and has now set up a trust fund for her kids rather than spending the money on herself. You go Mama June.

nikag... nikagurl5889

I for one am very intrigued by the Thompson family. Yes,they are simple country folkbut evey mother has dreams for her children and knows that it takes money for those dreams to come true.

nonmember avatar reader

Good for them! June is not stupid. They are a great family, and it's so sad when people are putting them down all the time. Especially when they are putting down the children. This family may seem unconventional, but they really are not. A lot of American families are just like them. And I for one think that is a good thing. We see nothing but love in this family. They aren't sitting around watching tv and playing video games all day. They are out with their kids doing all sorts of active things. They don't eat healthy, and they should, but June is a coupon clipper and you don't really find health foods listed in coupons. This family is better IMO than most of the rich snobs on reality tv. Just because the Kardashhians aren't burping/farting on tv doesn't mean there aren't tons of clips on the cutting room floor where those rich priss girls are gassy. HCHBB just shows what everyone else would have cut from the shows.

nurse... nursemama88

Good for her! Mama June is not dumb. I am a proud hillbilly and my dad is a simple country farm boy who invested in stuff and you can bet your ass both my brother and I have trust funds. My husband and I have an IRA and both of our kids have college funds set up. My daughter also has a savings acount as well that all of her money gifts, my loose change, and others give her. Teach your kids to handle money.

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