Octomom Is on Welfare Again Because Her Kids Deserve It

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OctoMom Nadya SulemanHere we go again. Octomom Nadya Suleman is back on welfare. Cue the outrage in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

I hear you, folks. She popped out eight kids at once, and now she just sits on her duff collecting our hard-earned tax dollars. It would be so much better if she went back to taking her clothes off and screwing random folks in front of the camera to take care of her brood, wouldn't it?

Er. Well ...

I'm not going to play it like Octomom is the poster child for why we need social services in this country. There are plenty of people who end up on public assistance because of unforeseen circumstances, and there is no shame in that. Suleman, on the other hand, obviously foresaw that she was going to have 14 children, and did it anyway. She's an irresponsible woman who should never have put herself in this position.

Not to mention, this is not her first time sucking on the government's teat, and this time Suleman is getting $1,800 a month for food, $1,000 for emergency cash, and Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental health and dental issues. Octomom says the welfare benefits will help her get "back on her feet" after the cost of rehab ate through the money she'd made stripping and making porn.

But here we are. Nadya Suleman has 14 children. We can't shove them back in her uterus. We can't wave our magic wands and make them disappear. So what do we do about it?

We support them. Not because we think Octomom is wonderful, mind you, but because it's not the fault of those children that their mom is a screw-up.

Really, what are the better options? Do we send her back to doing porn to support her 14 kids? I can't imagine that is the best thing for them as they grow up, certainly not from an emotional standpoint.

It's Octomom's job as a mother to care for her kids. She can't just say "screw it, let 'em starve." So she's going for welfare? I say good for her. At least the kids are being fed and have their medical needs covered! That's better than the parents who don't do a darn thing to care for their kids!

Like it or not, if we want the Suleman kids to turn out "OK" and contribute to society in the future, they need to have a fairly decent upbringing now. Having a mom who needs to live off the government's dime to stay off the pole isn't perfect, but it could be the best shot these kids have at "normal."

What do you think Octomom should do here? Should she turn down government help or take it?  


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Caera Caera

Those children should be placed in foster homes, her parental rights should be terminated, and then they should be put up for adoption.

And yes, she should go back to stripping if it's the only thing that useless excuse for a human being can do to support herself. She should have to be doing SOMETHING in order to qualify for all of that help. Be a secretary. Be a school custodian. Be a sanitation worker. Be a fast-food worker. Be a stripper. Whatever. Prove that you're capable of being something other than a leech.

the4m... the4mutts

Losing those kids is best, not giving the crack ho more government money! Those kids are all screwed up, and only going to get worse.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I agree with both above statements.

cooki... cookie_spice

umm she doesnt make any good decisions. So spend money on a seven dollar coffee, expensive make up, and a $3,000 blow out. Her house is a wreak and her kids are all over.

It all about her her her on our money not about the kids.Those babies need to be taken away from that crazy lady


ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I agree with the first 2 statements completely.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I agree with the comments made. Why should be pay welfare for 14 children. That must be astromnomical. Let them be adopted by caring families who will provide for them and obviously give them a better upbringing.

nonmember avatar melissa

in response to the previous comments: your tax paying dollars also pay for foster care ( foster parents receive monthly checks for each foster child) and children homes. either way we pay.

nonmember avatar Valerie

If you take her kids away JUST because they're on welfare, you give the government the right to take away the children of anyone who needs temporary assistance. Thus is our imperfect system.

Obviously she is not a good parent, obviously she is not doing what she needs to do to take care of her kids, but they need to be taken away for those reasons, not because she's on Welfare.

nonmember avatar Carol

Unfortunately, most children raised in welfare assisted homes usually end up on welfare themselves. Children emulate their parents; they aren't equipped to jusdge if that is a lifestyle they should try to attain or not.

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