No Homework for Kindergartners

photo by chaos1t

So I spent the entire summer preparing my emerging big boy (4 1/2) for kindergarten. Countless readings of "The Night Before Kindergarten," countless writings of our name L-O-R-E (no, babe, which way does an E go?)-N-Z-O, countless talks about making new friends, about remembering how special we are, and most of all, about how exciting homework will be.


Me, first week: So how's it going, kiddo?

Kid: Fine.

Me, second week (rummaging through the book bag for homework): So how's it going, kiddo? Where's your homework?

Kid: Shoulder shrug.

Me, third week: So how's it going, kiddo? Did Miss Teacher mention working with mommy on anything at home?

Kid: Nope.

Ever aware of being the hyper-concerned mom who secretly desires a parent-teacher conference everyday, I kept my silence as long as I could. Maybe they are waiting until the kids get really adjusted, I reasoned. Not so much. After three weeks of waiting for the big homework explosion, I finally ask Miss Teacher what's up. "Oh I know," she says, empathizing with my puzzled look. "But the school has a policy of no homework for kindergartners." Huh?! After comparing notes with other K-mommies, I'm starting to realize that every school approaches the homework thing differently and every mom has her own expectations. I've heard mothers complain about too much homework, but none? Mom kayce14 says, "Some homework is fine but it should be fairly simple and take no more than a half an hour and should not be every night."  I like this take.  But perhaps no homework makes sense--wouldn't want to overwhelm junior at the start of his school career. I guess. What do you think about your kid's homework situation?

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