Missing Boys Are Now Home Safe With Mom Proving Amber Alerts DO Work!

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Ben Henry ClearyNeed some good news to close out 2012? How about this? A set of missing brothers from Georgia are home safe with mom after she feared she'd never see them again. Mom Theresa Nash and sons Ben and Henry Cleary have an Amber Alert, and a complete stranger, to thank for getting them home.

Yes, the Amber Alerts really do work. Thank goodness!

You've wondered about them too, haven't you? We hear, all too often, about the bad side of child abductions, about kids murdered, kids never recovered.

We're saddened for those kids and scared for our own, and we feel helpless.

What we don't hear are all the good stories, the stories of Amber Alerts that did what they were created for: got the information about missing kids out to enough people that an average citizen is able to help the cops and get kids back to their families.

So here you go, something to help you feel just a teeny bit safer:

According to cops in Texas, Benjamin, 9, and Henry, 7, were visiting with dad Daniel Cleary over the Christmas holiday. They'd gone on a mom-approved overnight trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee on the 22nd. But when her sons didn't come home on the 26th as planned, Theresa Nash started to worry.

Nash told cops that Daniel Cleary had recently purchased a gun, and he'd been drinking a lot. His failure to bring the boys back had her fearing the worst, especially after cops found his house empty.

But a citizen in Texas, a complete stranger, was instrumental in getting the kids back home. He recognized the boys and their dad at a hotel, called cops, and presto, change-o ... Dad's in custody, the boys are back with mom. He recognized them, that is, because of the Amber Alert.

Does this happy story make you feel a little better? Do you pay attention to Amber Alerts?


Image via Police Handout

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Karma... KarmaGrant

I'm happy they are home safe and sound. However I question the negative spin the mom has put forth after the fact about her ex drinking and buying a gun. It wasn't a problem before the trip and she obviously knew about it.

vandm... vandmsmom

Thank god the boys are home safe but I have to wonder why she would let her kids go if the father was drinking and had just bought a gun that doesnt add up

nonmember avatar teagansmomma

D'ya ever think that he father might have called her once he got the boys, in a drunken rage saying he had bought a gun?

nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, she let them go because she was following a court order and could have lost custody if she didn't. Catch-22.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Actually no I dont wonder that, Teagansmomma. For the simple reason of, if that is what had happened even ONE of the many online reports about this incident would have said that. It would have added drama to the reports and certainly someone would have spilled it. That didn't happen so yeah, don't believe it.

nonmember avatar Chelsea

KarmaGrant? maybe she couldn't get ahold of them, and got scared. Knowing he recently purchased a gun only added to that fear that something must have happened to them. It probably was not a problem until they went missing.

marie... mariesmama

nash there was a nash that went missing when i was little around the same time jonny gosh went missing

rccol... rccola1945

  Give the Mom a break. My, so called father, not, only had the right to see me, if my mother, thought it was safe, but I was terrified of him. Thank God, my daddy, took me, & my Mom, to South America, after they were married. Then, I felt safe. Most of you have guessed that, my Daddy & father, weren't the same man. This poor woman, I'm sure was scared to death, about her 2 babies, so don't blam her. Its allways been a 2 way highway, for divorced parents.

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