kid new years eveHow awesome would it be if we could make New Year's Resolutions for other people? Scratch that, how awesome would it be if we could make New Year's Resolutions for our kids?! Let's face it: The little buggers aren't gonna make 'em for themselves. What a peaceful and prosperous 2013 it would be if only we could hand them a self-improvement to-do list! Of course, it's hard enough sticking to our own resolutions -- I'm pretty sure it would be near impossible to get our kids to exercise such willpower -- but hey, a parent can dream, right?

To that end, I asked some friends what New Year's Resolutions they wish they could make for their kids ... here's what they had to say:

10 New Year's Resolutions We Wish Our Kids Would Make

1. "I'll go to sleep when I go to bed and not stay up playing video games all night under my blanket."

2. "I won't hold my brother's head under water in the bathtub."

3. "I'll do what Mommy asks the first time instead of the twenty-first. Or thirty-first. Or never."

5. "I won't forget to tell Mom that I have to make a human skeleton out of clay for science class until the night before it's due."

6. "I won't shove half of a banana into the bottom of my backpack after lunch and forget about it until Mom smells something funny."

7. "I will brush my teeth each and every morning and my mom will never have to remind me. I'll even floss."

8. "I'll stop using Mom's makeup brushes to paint with watercolors."

9. "I promise not to ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again when I already know the answer."

10. "I will never ever spit out my gum in the backseat of Mom's car and stick it in the cupholder."

What New Year's Resolutions do you wish your kids would make?

Image via anjanettew/Flickr