Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Have a Serious Nanny Problem

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Angelina JolieSo, on a scale of one to 10, how much work are your kids? Enough that you'd need not one but two nannies to keep them in line? Maybe you should send them to live with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, then!

The engaged couple has six kids, and on their Christmas trip to designer Donna Karan's house in Turks and Caicos, the Pitt-Jolies apparently brought along 12 nannies. A little quick math, and that's two nannies per kid.

Geez, two nannies. And here I don't even have one.

Yup, I'll come out and say it. I'm a wee bit jealous of those who can actually afford live-in help because I will likely never be in the clan. I'd love someone to pitch in to oversee the cleaning of the playroom while my husband and I are making dinner or read that same Babymouse book for the 334th blessed time when I really just want to go downstairs and watch Glee, darnit.

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But I'd be happy with just one nanny for the one kid. Reallllly happy.

No need to take the Angelina and Brad route here. No siree. She's not so much work that she really needs the constant supervision of two adults, and if she was ... no, I don't want to imagine parenting THAT kid. That would be one little hellion, amIright?

The way I see it, one nanny is just there be an extra two hands, and of course, very useful for when we have to actually work (as it stands now we use old-fashioned babysitters for that). I think she (or he -- I'd be an equal opportunity employer!) would be able to handle things around here just fine on her own without calling in another back-up nanny, what with the fact that my husband and I also exist in our kid's world.

Oh, I'm sure she'd want some time off every day, but I'm OK with that too. No need for a second nanny to step in. That's where I'd get to do the little thing called parenting that I signed up for.

I'd ... wait for it ... spend time with my child!

Brad and Angie might want to try making a go of it with just one nanny, even if it means spending extra time actually doing stuff with their kids on vacation. 

It's kind of the point of parenting. It certainly makes the whole "actually having kids" make a lot more sense!

What do you think of people who employ two nannies for just one kid? Is it even parenting if you have two nannies taking care of one kid?


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there... theresaphilly

How out of control are these kids?

nonmember avatar D

This article is so rude! Speculate and judge much? I doubt they have 12 nannies all day. It's probably six for the early shift and six for the later shift. Considering they get mauled by the public and photographers every time they leave the house it's probably safer to have a set of hands for each child for safety reasons and to make the kids feel secure. Do most people need 12 nannies? Of course not. But they're not your typical average family.

mompam mompam

I'm not saying two nannies per kid is normal, but I'm sure it was just because they were visiting a fancy house. I'm sure they don't normally travel that way.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I love that they put that much into caring for their kids. Lots of help doesn't mean the parents connect with the kids any less. But it might mean the mistakes that happen when a parent is strung out don't happen in their house! And nice to have enough nannies that they can have the time off or breaks that they need.

nonmember avatar Anti-PC

Having nannies period is questionable. Why have kids if you are going to have a nanny practically raise them? I understand occasionally using babysitters or daycare, but those are not 24/7 arrangements. Or people can actually take care of their kids. Oh god forbid parents do that!!! 2 parents can work, and still not have a baby sitter/nanny. It is called if you schedule it right, there can always be one parent home with the child(ren).

SIMom... SIMomSays

I don't care who they are 12 nannies is absurd. They weren't out trapezing about town being swarmed by paparazzi they were visiting SOMEONE ELSE'S HOME. Not only is it absurd it's rude to the people who were hosting the Pitt-Jolie clan.

Torra... TorranceMom

What Anti-PC said.👆

nonmember avatar SandraM

It is very likely that they had 3 shifts of 8hrs for the nannies which would be 4 nannies at a time and they do get days off. I have heard that they spend quality time together with each child so they need the help.

Gages... Gages_Mommy32

I agree with Sandra. What's the problem, if they have the means to do it? If they only took a few nannies with them, chances are, with that many kids, they would be overworked and exhausted. I wouldn't want a tired, ticked off nanny caring for my babies. I do know there are lots of mommies who care for 6 kids on their own. But face it, Brad and Angie are weirdos...they're not like the rest of us, celebrities or not. Lol

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