10-Year-Old Boy's Washing Machine Drum Show Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

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washing machine drumWhere there's a will, there's a way -- and this amazing 10-year-old boy is proof. Drum set? He don't need no stinking drum set! All he needs to demonstrate his very precocious percussion skills is a plain old everyday washing machine. No joke.

According to the user who posted this video to YouTube, this boy does actually dabble in more conventional drum techniques -- he "owns a Pearl drum kit, has been taking lessons for over a year, but is mainly self-taught in general percussion. His main inspirations are Neil Peart and Buddy Rich." Also, he's awesome.

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Seriously, you've just got to see/hear him play to believe it. I promise you'll never look at your washing machine the same way again:

AMAZING. Right? And he's only 10 years old! Talk about talent. Hmm, maybe I should start making my kids do their own laundry -- who knows what could happen?

Does your kid have an unusual talent?


Image via dancarollo/YouTube

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mommy... mommyof5cutties

That's a talent. Who thinks to do this? Purely genius.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Holy s#!t!

nonmember avatar loribee

wow that was amazing! lots of talent young man!

nonmember avatar Aileen

WOW!!! :)

2nino... 2ninos4me

lmao at your last comment . my sons will definitely be doing their own laundry when they are older , if they dont learn how to use the machine as a drumset they will definitely learn how to have clean clothes lol

btw , that boy is awesome :)

M.I.L... M.I.L.F201

That is so cool!

Mrs.W... Mrs.Winchester


That brings a smile to my face.  He's amazing.

ShyMa... ShyMama0817

Wow! Just wow!! He's AMAZING!!

DyDalMom DyDalMom

Amazing! I will show that to my son tomorrow when he gets back from a friend's house.

My 13 year old has 2 amazing talents...he can look at something and draw it, but he changes it a little to make it original. He is also a self-taught dancer. He will watch videos on hip hop and break dancing and can repeat right away. I really need to get some videos up of him dancing.

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