Britney Spears' Paternity Bombshell Isn't Fair to Her Little Boy

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Britney SpearsTalk about a crazy Christmas. Instead of chilling with her kids around the tree like most parents, celeb mom Britney Spears has been forced to spend the week handling claims from ex-husband Kevin Federline's brother Christopher Federline that he -- not K-Fed -- is the father of 7-year-old son Sean Preston.

I don't care if the claims are true or not. Let me just say it right now: poor Sean Preston. It's Christmas time. All this little boy should be thinking about is Angry Birds, LEGOs, Skylanders, or Beyblades ... not who his papa is.

Whatever Christopher Federline is to this little guy, he's not acting like much of a father.

A father -- a true father -- would think about the emotional wellbeing of his child before casting aspersions that he knows would be splashed across every newspaper in the country. He would consider what sort of toll his mean-spirited claims will take on a young boy who, up until this moment, has always known his dad as one guy.

At some point, we adults have to set aside our petty differences with the other adults in our lives and put the kids first. That is particularly crucial in situations like this: be it questionable paternity or more simple child custody cases. If you really care about a child, then your priority should be making their life easier, not who "wins."

The only one who needs to "win" here is Sean Preston.

Britney and K-Fed's kids haven't exactly had it easy as it is. Mom and Dad had a very public divorce. Mom has been raked over the coals for bad parenting (remember the no car seat incident? Who can forget it?). And then there is Mom's battle with substance abuse.

It's just finally been looking like things were going right for Britney with her X Factor gig and her sobriety. If anything, now is the time that a truly caring father or even just a caring uncle, would say, "you know what, let's make sure things stay this way ... for the sake of the kids."

What do you think of this bombshell? Is it fair to Britney's kids?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

I agree to a point.  Not sure what spurred the claim by the so called father/uncle.  If he had to release it to protect himself, maybe I can see it.  It seems that behind the scenes Brittany is mentally ill and needs a lot of help.  Poor children.

cmjaz cmjaz

I don't believe that idiot's claim for a second. Kevin needs to man up and kick his brother's ass for doing this to his son.

worki... workingmama86

If you actually read the court document, you would think some 12 year old wrote that. It's completely unprofessional and will probably not be taken so seriously. The dude should have hired a lawyer to do his legal work. Damn. 

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

I think it's Christopher's way of getting the Federline name back in the spotlight. I haven't heard much about Kevin for a few years now. He is a very shitty uncle for doing this to his nephew. :(

nonmember avatar shell

After 7 years, all of the sudden he wants to "claim his son?" I hope Kevin knocks him on his a$$ for this! This is not ok. Sounds like someone is just wanting some attention from the media! Leave these poor kids alone.

nonmember avatar Lisa

In US Weeklys story, Britney, not the uncle, is the one threatening to bring the paternity to light. She allegidly stole his credit card and when he threatened to call police she said if he did she would tell every one he is the father of her son. He then filed a restraining order because he doesn't feel like the "world needs to know " about the paternity of Sean.

grnsm... grnsmomma

Do you expect anything better from that family?

nonmember avatar BrandyF

Where was this claim seven years ago?

nicol... nicolemead91

I dont believe a single word of it. I think K-Fed is the father of her children. And frankly its really none of our business anyway who is the father.. They seem to have gotten their shit together and her kids "seem" to be very well taken care of (they always look happy in the pics I see) Lets just leave Britney and her family ALONE! Dont u think shes been through enough. Shes seems to have beat her demons and had a great comeback. Im looking forward to seeing Britney at  #1 in the near future! LOVE YOU BRITTNEY XOXO =)dancing

Eddie... EddiesMama83

Britney is a basket case so it's definitely possible. That said, he should have waited until after Christmas.

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